Importance of Schooling: Why You Need To Go To School (2021)

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The school consists of a significant part of everyone’s life. We’ve spent so many years in the schools, but do you know the importance of schooling? We go to school without even thinking, why is school important or the need of it? So, know the importance of school in child development.

I feel blessed that I have studied in one of the best English medium schools in Jaipur. School made me a person who is independent and can fulfill my dreams. The importance of schooling is very crucial and should be known by everyone. In the following section, you’ll get to why is school important?

Importance of Schooling

1. Knowledge

When it comes to the importance of schooling, we can’t ignore the knowledge aspect of it. There are many things you’ve learned in your schools and will be learning in the future also. In schools, we are taught the basics of English, maths, science, history, geography, and many other subjects. All this knowledge is challenging to get by yourself.

The knowledge you acquire will make you a more confident and independent human being. Therefore, the importance of schooling should be known by everyone, whether it is a child or an old-age person.

2. Allows You to Socialize

We human beings are social beings and can’t live alone in this world. Also, we need family, friends, a life partner, and many more people to share our feelings and emotions. And, schools play a significant role in learning how to socialize with others.

The importance of schooling is very crucial, as it is the place where we make our friends. By going to school, we learn how to talk to new people, helping and sharing, empathy, friendship, team spirit, etc. They all play a significant role in helping you to socialize with others.

3. Importance of Schooling in Physical Development

Another reason why school is important is the physical development that happens during schooling. Yes, and it is also proved by studies. School gives the proper environment for students to develop physically. We feel more energetic and will perform better around familiar faces of the same age. And, that’s what our schools offer.

Unfortunately, we generally see schools as knowledge-giving institutions and undermine this importance of schooling. There are many sports and physical activities conducted in schools through which a kid develops his physical ability.

5. Overall Development

As mentioned earlier, schools are not only a knowledge-giving institutions. A lot has changed over the years. Nowadays, there are so many practical assessments that help students in doing things on their own. Your kid did not have to memorize things like before, and they will learn many things.

Today, apart from just giving knowledge, schools have co-curricular activities, competitions, assessments, and a lot more. Kids are learning social skills, manners, accountability, efficiency, effectiveness, etc. In all, the importance of schooling can’t be ignored if you want a better future for your kids.

4. Fulfill your Dreams

This is the importance of schooling that everyone aims for. Schools, and the education you get there play a significant role in making your dreams come true. For anything you want to do in life, you need primary education, provided by our schools.

School helps you in improving your knowledge, physical, social and mental ability. And, will open the doors for so many things in life. For instance, if you want to become a cricketer, then schooling will teach you discipline, how to socialize with others, responsibility, confidence, etc.

Going to school will give you an extra edge over others. That’s the importance of schooling that needs to be understood by people.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education

We all know that a small kid is curious and grabs things very fast. In this early childhood age, it’s essential to give them the right environment and feed only good knowledge in their small brain. And that’s the importance of school education that needs to be understood. They provide knowledge, moral values and improve your child’s social, physical, and mental aspects.

If not given the proper environment and right guidance, then they will go on the wrong track. This is the benefit of early childhood education that will have an ever-lasting impact on their lives.

Role of Teachers in Students Life

After reading about the importance of schooling, now let me tell you the role of teachers in students’ lives. Teachers will give you everything that you need to grow in life. From knowledge to proper guidance to values, they will bring the best out of you. They will motivate you to do something big and, at the same time, will stop you from going on the wrong track.

In the initial years of your life, teachers have a significant impact on you and will make you an independent person who can do anything and everything. They have one of the essential responsibilities of shaping the future of India, and that’s you. Hence, we must not forget or let go of the importance of schooling or teachers.


I’m sure you know the importance of schooling and also the teachers. Without them, it is tough for us to live a good life. So schools are one of the reasons for us contributing to the growth of our country and making everyone’s lives better.

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