Is Getting a Job the Only Purpose of Education?

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Having a great academic record does help a person land a better job. This does not mean that employment is the only purpose of education. Unfortunately, a lot of people look at education as a tool for employment in today’s date, and that is where all the problems lie.

Education is meant for the overall empowerment and enlightenment of individuals. It allows a person to learn the lessons that can help him/her succeed in life. It makes you a better person, leading you to a fruitful life. Employment is only a small part of that life.

1. Education helps you understand life better:

If education was only about getting jobs, the education system would have stressed on the development of professional skills from the beginning. Instead, our education system focuses on helping an individual learn basic things first, such as the language, calculation, history,Job and and basic science. Knowledge of these areas strengthens the foundation of a successful life.

Education allows us to learn more about the world we live in. It gives us an understanding of how things work. And more importantly, education helps us understand how we fit in the universe. From learning about our ancestors to finding out the miracle of science – education broadens our perspective and lets us understand life better.

2. Education makes a person better:

Education does not just mean getting degrees and certificates. Proper education helps you understand the difference between right and wrong. It helps you form opinions and question things. Moreover, education shapes your mind in a number of ways. Your social, psychological, and philosophical views are all influenced by education.

Proper education makes you kind and compassionate. There’s a significant difference between being literate and being educated. You can get a job if you are literate enough. However, you need to be well-educated to know the difference between being a millionaire and being successful. Proper education brings out the best in you that not only benefits you but the whole society.

3. Education can help you identify your potential:

There’s no denying that a higher degree of education makes it easier for you to land a job of your preference. What most people don’t realize is that proper education help students find their true potential. Unless a student is aware of the different aspects of life, how can he/she acknowledge where his/her true potential lies.

If a person who is good at drawing the outline of buildings and structures, does not get enough exposure to the lessons of architecture, cannot make use of his true potential. Education helps us learn ourselves better. With proper education, you are more likely to make better life decisions that ultimately lead to success.

4. Education builds character:

Education is more than just attending classes and asking teachers for “my assignment help”. Education also addresses the personality, emotions, and character of an individual. Schools and other academic institutions should always help young minds become healthy, balanced, and civic-minded adults. That is the ideal approach to learning and development.

The right kind of education not only helps you boost your knowledge but also puts stress on incorporating values, ethics, emotional maturity, and civic sense. A positive learning environment helps students cultivate self-motivation and encourage them to create a caring and supportive community. Proper education creates opportunities for the moral growth of the students.

It is unfortunate that a major section of today’s education now focuses on the academic success of the students, instead of taking a holistic approach to learning and development. This is why a lot of people nowadays find education as a tool for employment. But education has to play a bigger role in a person’s life than just determining what kind of job he/she will get.

Employment certainly plays a significant role in a person’s success in life. However, there are several other aspects of life that play a part in making a person’s life truly successful. Education, in its truest form, not only ensures the professional success of a person but also prepares him/her for all the challenges and opportunities life has to offer.

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