Key Advantages Of Using Firebase For Ecommerce App Development

is Firebase Good for E-commerce
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With the incoming global pandemic, our dependence on technology has increased significantly. This is the primary reason for the explosive growth of mobile apps in the market. Almost all services have gone to mark their presence online and there are a lot of available options to serve our needs. The birth of mobile applications is the greatest contribution to mankind which has shot up accessibility, bridged the gap, saved time, and made us inevitably dependent on our gadgets to get everything done for us.

Today, eCommerce apps are the highest in demand. Expectedly, this has led to a boom in the community of mobile developers. Although App development may seem like a great field of work to earn money, it is a very exhaustive job in reality. In this profession, one constantly requires to master technological advancements and put in the time and effort to achieve perfection.

Developing a competitive e-commerce app with flexible technology requires keeping a critical eye on each step. Right from selecting the development framework to keeping track of development timelines until the final execution of business goals, one needs to thoroughly check every detail before setting foot on the launch pad. This is a very demanding and time taking process. One needs to pay detailed attention to each factor such as ease of use, performance, security, and UI along with periodical testing to ensure its competence and influence on the target audience.

To rule out the obstructions of time, funds, and immeasurable competition, app developers and business entrepreneurs have resorted to FIREBASE. Recently, this has emerged as the game-changer in the field of app development and has aided app developers to stay ahead in the race despite the hindrances. So let’s explore more about FIREBASE and its utility for eCommerce.


Firebase is a software designing unit that was launched in 2011 by Firebase inc, which was taken over by Google in 2014. It originally started as a real-time database. Over time it has grown into a framework of 18 modules and dedicated APIs appropriate for the development of web and mobile applications. The entire arrangement is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution format that highlights quality-rich characteristic features of web-based applications. This covers services for making, examining, and managing apps without having to manage the infrastructure. This kit offers features in 3 distinct segments to develop your app and make business.

What is the use of firebase? How does it improve App development?

Also known as Platform-as-a-service, Firebase allows the developers to eliminate the detailed manual process of building and managing services. They don’t have to spend time individually on backend databases, analytics, and authentication, file storage, messaging. Instead, you can save your time by directly passing them into your app through 17 individual features for each separate service hosted in the Firebase suite.

This effortlessly gives a kick start to move quickly and focus on more important aspects revolving around the end-user that ensures growth.These APIs are fully supported and operated by its owner Google. Unlike traditional app development which requires the writing of both front-end and back-end software, In firebase Client SDKs interact with these backend services directly by avoiding the additional middle work between your app and the services.

How versatile is Firebase?

Evaluation of a variety of apps that can be developed through firebase reveals there is no limitation. However, there are restrictions on the platforms where these apps can be used. Firebase SDKs target popular platforms such as iOS and Android, along with growing aid for Web, Unity, Flutter, and C++. Firebase gives many benefits such as -Admin SDK for increasing accessibility to several languages, FirebaseUI known as the top SDK provides developer-friendly elements which smoothen the development process. Additionally, the availability of projects such as AngularFire wraps the web SDKs, thereby making it the go-to app designing unit for modern-day app developers.

Firebase Features that Benefit E-commerce:

  • Firebase assembles, stores, and analyzes data of individual users to enable developers to make app features more capable and target your audience by offering a personalized user experience that brings you customer loyalty over time.
  • With the availability of a huge amount of data, the scope of app growth gets a boost.
  • This has a long-term effect. Both the platform and the business grow simultaneously hand in hand and the predictable difficulties appearing with wide-ranging projects are eliminated.
  • With Google’s analytical platforms coming in handy one can map the user movement and experience, which makes it more worthy.

Key benefits of using Firebase for e-commerce apps:

  • Real-time database – This feature enables the application to store important, identifying information about a particular user and syncs it across gadgets. This ensures that users are identified when they re-visit the digital app space. Their preferences, shopping cart products and other data remain unmoved which saves time, improves customer satisfaction, and leads the buyers to the next step.
  • Authentication – With powerful yet flexible security systems you can confirm clients. There are multiple Firebase authentication methods to integrate such as registered email id and username, Google and Facebook accounts, etc. Otherwise, you can also allow users to sign in by using FirebaseUI.
  • Distributed Storage – When your users step into your website or mobile application, you can track their digital movements for better understanding and store them to re-use in their next visit. You can share any user-generated content such as photos or videos to shape someone’s buying decision. For e-commerce, these securely Google saved product reviews and feedback brings out major business.
  • Performance Monitoring – This tracks any device defects the moment it occurs and starts the repair process without requiring having any additional external effort. Execution checking analyzes performance issues on devices by itself.
  • In-App Messaging – This is the major reason to opt for firebase as an e-commerce app development platform. You can use live conversation channels to communicate with active users. This is an opportunity to send customer-centric notifications to target individuals. Your recommendations can guide the user while they are online. You can also specially create event-specific messages based on the latest events in your platform that might interest the buyer.
  • Google Analytics – Instead of building a traditional analytical engine or bringing a third-party solution, you can use Google analytics inbuilt firebase to map user behavior. This enables you to easily analyze insights to create a personalized experience and make informed decisions to shape user engagement and their journey through the app and determine your product roadmap. This improves brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by timely addressing customer needs.
  • Flexible costs – App developers can begin working on this platform totally free and gradually choose the best subscription model for themselves to proceed with. It is a very pocket-friendly option for small enterprises and startups to begin on a small scale, experiment with the app-making process, learn and expand later. With available financial flexibility for small businesses, they get an opportunity to compete with established businesses in terms of app development. From e-commerce to mobile payments, there is a huge ocean of opportunities that can be explored.

With the availability of multiple advantages, Firebase is one of the best options to consider if you are planning to develop an app for your business. From bringing down costs to making the entire journey easygoing, it has revolutionized the way mobile app back ends are built today. It is an accessible, hassle-free interface that is a perfect fit to begin a fruitful business and roadmap a successful mobile app journey.

With its cutting edge features, it helps to save a lot of time aiding the developer to concentrate on other important aspects that make the applications faster than the competitors, exceptional, and create an amazing mobile app experience for incoming consumers even with limited available resources. So, understand Firebase inside out and execute your business app vision.

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