Maintenance Tips to Make Your Solar Panels Last Longer

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With the increasing energy crisis and environmental pollution problems, “saving energy and reducing emissions” has become a hot topic today. People want to live in a sustainable environment. This requires the continuous development of new energy sources. Therefore, solar energy with increasing energy problems and environmental pollution, “energy saving and emission reduction” has become a hot topic today. 

People want to live in a sustainable environment. This requires the continuous development of new energy sources. Therefore, solar energy is a new energy source attracting people’s attention. The application of solar panels has very practical significance to promote energy conservation and reduce emissions. Although solar panels have many advantages, it is imperative to organize personnel regularly to conduct detailed inspections of the solar panels to make them work well for a long time.

1. To ensure that solar panels can absorb sufficient sunlight, installing them in trees and buildings should be avoided. Solar energy is stored in solar panels and it should be kept away from open flames and flammable materials to prevent danger. The components on the solar panels are not free to disassemble. If you need to replace the accessories, you need to ask a professional installer to handle them.

2. If the solar photovoltaic module is not tightly installed, it will easily loosen or even fall off. Therefore, the solar PV module should be tightly secured to the sump by a spring washer and a flat gasket. Ground the panel assembly appropriately, depending on the site environment and the condition of the mounting bracket structure.

3. Solar panels should be kept clean. If there is a lot of pollution like dust or leaves, it will likely affect its performance, so wipe the surface of the solar panel with a soft cloth regularly. If you really want to replace the components, they must be replaced by the same type of components of the same type. During the replacement process, you cannot directly touch the active part of the cable or connector. If you need to replace it, then you need to use insulated tools and gloves.

4. Solar inverter repair cannot be done directly without precautions. Cover the surface of the components with opaque objects or materials before repairing. Because the components will generate high voltage under the sunlight, it will be very dangerous.

Finally, I would like to summarize the environment in which the solar panels should operate. Solar panels need a sunny outdoor environment. There should be no obstacles in the installation. The surface of the solar panels should be kept clean and free from dust. The surrounding area should be dry and well ventilated. The ambient temperature should be kept at -20 ° C ~ 85 ℃.

Solar panels have low operating costs, are easy to install and can be used in different environments. However, solar panels need regular maintenance and sanitary cleaning, especially on roads with large dust, so as not to affect the charging effect.

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