Make lifelong learning a goal for your child.

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Did you know the cosmos is approximately 13.8 billion years old? It costs 38 trillion dollars to produce oxygen for just 6 months! Average human life up to only 79-80 years, no comparison with the universe’s age. Surprise? Is your child aware of the out of the book syllabus that only life can teach us? Limiting to the things we learn in schools and colleges is nothing compared to the lessons out there to learn.

The knowledge out there in the world can’t be stored in books, or even millions of lifetime might also not be enough. The least we can do is bring the best out of our life and make your child the best learner.

Being a part of one of the best schools in Noida, we feel that endowing a lifelong learning habit in your child will help them later in life.

But, what does it mean to be a lifelong learner?

Before jumping onto the lifelong learner, let’s learn something about lifelong learning. Well, Lifelong Learning is the formal and informal flow of learning done for personal development and enhancing your knowledge. In the broadest sense, it means learning throughout your life. Getting well-informed about new things helps you to reach your life goals.

“Never stop learning cause life never stops teaching” once you’ve realized the importance of lifelong learning, you will surely make lifelong learning a goal of your child.

Importance of lifelong learning for your child

The first thing that strikes our mind is the development of a human brain. Yes, you’ve heard that right! The human brain is designed to learn from real-time experiences, take them as a lesson, work on it, and invent to fulfill our needs. For example, – Early humans invented fire and tools that they used as a weapon for hunting. Learning new things is in our jeans as this will help your child sometime in the future. Another important reason we should encourage our child to step out of the comfort zone is a forever progressing day to day life. Nothing is permanent today; we’re into the digital age where impressing your customers is a major cutthroat battle.

The books that we used to set daily records are now Xcel; the computers turned into tablets, the pen is multitasking as a pen drive. In the broadest sense, everything is turning into digital binary codes, and virtual reality is blurring out our physical existence. As a result, it’s become imperative to embrace lifelong learning for more knowledge and personal development.

The comfort zone is a red zone.

” To get into your desired comfort zone, you need to first get out of it”, the world is not limited to a nutshell. Being a part of ASPAM Scottish that is counted as the best CBSE school in Noida; we feel that the outer world is a complex of good and bad situations, setbacks, rejections, etc. Those life experiences also have as equal importance that teaches students how to combat difficult times and turn themselves into a responsible individual. Make your children taking some extra miles to learn something unique, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, but there should be a start.

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