Tips on How to Make a Lock Pick Set with Household Items

Tips on How to Make a Lock Pick Set with Household Items
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You will sometimes find yourself on the wrong side of a locked door. If your 5-year-old has locked himself in the bathroom. If you have a locked garage to realize your keys are still inside. You may be in for an expensive visit to the house before calling a Lockout service in Chicago. Household products can do it. It will guide you on how to make a lock pick set with household items. We can use this method if the bathroom and bedroom doors get locked.

Tools used for lock pick set:

You can select a lock by using many tools. This article includes using a tension wrench, pick rakes, a paper clip, and a credit card. There is one clamp and many rakes with varied ridges. It allows you to select several pins at a time. There are several clamps. There is also a selection that you can pick a pin at a time. Finally, there are some locks that you need. When you need something more sturdy and rugged, you can get lock picking kits from Rekey lock service in Chicago.

The method used for lock pick set:

The picking of locks is art rather than science. Every lock is different, yet there are the same fundamental principles. According to the Lockout service in Chicago, the quickest and dirty way to choose a lock is to scrub.

Picking a Lock using a tension wrench

1. Insert a tension wrench on the bottom of the keyhole.

The tension clamp is the key to selecting a lock. You have to provide tension to the plug while you raise the brackets with your pick. First, the driver pin passes through the shear. Then the plug spins after getting the necessary torque. When you pull out your plug, the key pin drops down. After that, the driver pin fastens the edge of the plug and hence remains above the shaving line. You will continue to lift the pins with the tension wrench. Then apply pressure until the shear line has been clean of all pins of the driver.

2. Apply pressure

So, take your tension wrench and insert it into the keyhole. Apply gentle pressure in the clockwise direction. If you had a key, you’d turn it. The Rekey lock service in Chicago advises that applying too much pressure will cause the driver pins to bind below the shear line. You need enough give to allow the driver pins to rise beyond the shear line. But, enough torque so that when they begin to fall, one edge of the drive pin snags the plug as it begins to rotate. How much pressure is too much? If your tension wrench bends a lot, you’re using too much force. So, come down on the side of less pressure rather than more.

3. Insert a pick at the top of the lock.

Select your pick. Lockout service in Chicago prefers the three-ridged Bogota rake. It has picked every lock. It is straightforward to apply. Pull the rake to the back.

4. Scrub your pick in the key hole and apply your wrench with light torque.

Continue to apply that little pressure to your clamp. You can do it with your left hand. Scrub the inside of the plug with your right hand and pick it. When you bring the pick back, raise to press the pins.

5. Repeat until all pins set.

Continue to apply torque with your wrench and scrape the pins until they are completely set. As you get close to the last one or two pins to set, you may need to apply extra torque and pressure to the pins using your pick. If you’re not making any headway, you’re using too much torque with the wrench. Relax, let the pins reset, then begin again, taking care not to apply too much pressure. That’s the only thing there is to it. Using this cleaning method, you can pick most pin and tumbler locks.

Rekey lock service in Chicago says picking each pin set one at a time may need locks. The locks should need a little more finesse. You may need to be extra aware of these more complex locks. Look for the most resistant pin stack and first select it. Then, you have to repeat till you select all the pins.

Picking a Lock using Paper Clips

Straighten one of your paper clips while leaving one end bent. Then squeeze the two components together. Straighten the second paper clip out. You can use the pliers, pinch the end of the paper clip. Then bend the long part 90 degrees to make the first ridge in the rake. Place the pliers on the long part of the paper clip and bend at 90 degrees again. Continue doing this until the paper clip has three ridges. You’re ready to pick your tumbler lock with your jerry-rigged lock picking gear.

Picking a Lock using Credit Card

Choose a suitable card. A plastic card that is both rigid and elastic will be great. Do not use your real credit or debit card since the damage could occur. First, pick the lock with the card. Next, insert the card into the space between the door and the doorjamb. Begin by sliding the card slightly above the door handle. You may need to shake it a little. But if you’re lucky, the card will press against the latch assembly, allowing you to open the door.


According to Rekey lock service in Chicago, specific tips might help you while picking a lock.

  • Use toothpicks or other breakable objects. The wood may shatter inside the lock, requiring you to remove the door.
  • If you have privacy door knobs in your home, keep an appropriate object for opening them. Again, it is because you don’t have to scramble in an emergency.


  • There are many drownings and other fatal hazards in bathrooms. Treat a tiny child who has locked herself in a restroom as an emergency. If you are unable to open the door, contact the Lockout service in Chicago.

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