NFCC is Live Now : Make you team with BalleBaazi and get a Chance to Meet Zaheer Khan

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1.3 billion Indian cricket fans, but only 1 will be honored as India’s First Cricket Champions! National Fantasy Cricket (NFCC) – The 2021 World Cup is a free game tournament that brings you a great opportunity to show off your cricket skills and knowledge!

This T20 World Cup brings the opportunity of the Indian Cricket Team and fans alike to be crowned Champions! India’s first National Fantasy Cricket Championship (NFCC) tournament continues on October 23, giving every Indian Cricket fan a chance to feel the glory. This novel concept of free play challenges every fan to show off his talent, and aims to turn the concept of Online Fantasy Games into “just money” for him “all in glory.”

Hosting the World Cup qualifiers, a 23-day tournament will be held at The big final will be held on the same day as the T20 World Cup final, November 14, when the 11th Fantasy Cricket Champions will be crowned with 2011 World Cup champion Zaheer Khan, and the first on stage to win a trophy and a free trip to Mecca for Cricket, Lord, England. Some of India’s top sports champions will walk away with a gold medal as well as daily cash prizes and one top board. For more information on how to play NFCC? Click here.

Register for NFCC :

To participate in the NFCC tournament, one must download the BalleBaazi app and join any free or paid league for World Cup games.

  • Participants will have three chance of graduating (23rd October – 8 November)
  • Each chance to have 10 games
  • Users will have to play all 10 games to earn a place in the Quarter-Finals
  • Users can form up to 25 teams per game
  • The best teams for every user will qualify for the NFCC Leaderboard.
  • Players will have one chance each in the quarter-finals (November 10), Semi-Final (November 11) and Final (November 14).

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