Managed IT Services Vs Outsourcing

Managed IT Services Vs Outsourcing
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Many people are confused about the terms managed IT services and outsourcing, and think that the two mean the same. However, there are some major differences between these two. IT outsourcing is related to the deployment of IT infrastructure, whereas Managed IT services are concerned with the management of IT-related services. If you are also a business owner and planning and looking for a managed service provider in Sarasota then it is better to know the difference between the managed services and outsourcing before coming to the final decision.

What is IT outsourcing?

IT sourcing is the process of hiring IT infrastructure services from a third party. But they do not manage the sources they provide, instead, the in-house team manages all the IT resources. Generally, business owners sign short term contracts with a person who offers IT services. These service providers handle a specific IT task of the organizations.

Here are some of the advantages of IT Outsourcing:

  • The in-house team gets more time to concentrate on core IT concerns.
  • It helps in getting a more efficient output.
  • It decreases labor costs and saves money.
  • Give access to skilled resources

The IT outsourcing providers are expert enough to fulfill your web development, web designing, and phone app development needs. They always focus on the latest and most effective technologies and have good knowledge of upcoming trends and threats of the IT sector. 

What is Managed IT Services?

The managed IT services serve both things, i.e they deploy the IT infrastructure as well as manage it remotely. The MSP i.e managed service providers take the responsibility of all IT operations and also provides 24*7 technical support. They charge a fixed fee every month from their clients. Managed IT services include backup and disaster recovery, cloud solutions, network monitoring, storage services, help desk support, technical support, mobility, etc.

Here are some of the benefits of managed IT services -:

  • They increase the efficiency of the employee
  • They boost productivity
  • Results in a high return on investment
  • Helps in minimizing the downtime
  • Controls IT costs
  • Increase the security of IT-related operations

Remote server monitoring is the most basic type of managed IT services and is used by 90 out of 100 IT companies. The emergence of cloud computing services has given a new vision to the IT managed services industry. It enhances business operations by providing cloud-based technical support.

Key Differences Between Managed Services And Outsourcing 

Business Model

The Managed IT services business model sets itself apart from the outsourcing IT services model by emphasizing a partnership approach rather than a one-time service. MSPs focus on building enduring consultative relationships with clients, driving their businesses forward innovatively.

On the other hand, IT outsourcing deals with individual tasks as they come up, without implementing comprehensive plans for future IT goals. Their focus is on addressing specific problems rather than taking a holistic approach to optimize your IT infrastructure.

Managed Services are for long-term

The outsourcing is meant for a very short period, it’s a type of contract that exists for a few months. On the other hand, managed IT services are tended for a long time and are the permanent solution to the problem. The MSP works as part of a team in the organization, while outsourcing providers fix the specific technical issue, for a temporary basis.

Managed IT services provider does not work on the “break-fix” model

In receipt of IT services, the MSP sets a monthly fee for you, which enables you to know the cost upfront. In the modern era, MSP charges on a per-user or per-device support basis.

Whereas most of the outsourcing providers work on break-fix models. The overall cost in the case of outsourcing will depend on the deal, the service provider can also charge on an hourly basis.

The MSP offers 24×7 Support -:

The managed service providers in Sarasota offer 24 – hours a day and 7 days a week tech support to their clients, which ensures the organizations that their systems are always protected from threat. Whereas if you opt for outsourcing services you will not get 24×7 Support. 

Selecting the right provider

Not all companies labeled as “managed services” are equally capable. Some excel in managing every aspect of technology in global organizations, while others may be outsourcing firms attempting to appear more than they are. To distinguish between mediocre and outstanding providers, seek referrals, and customer success stories. Look for long-standing partnerships with clients similar to your organization and expertise in your industry and digital technologies. Your ideal managed service provider should act as an IT army, with in-house specialists covering various technologies, flexible support models, and the scalability your enterprise requires.


Managed IT services typically operate on a subscription-based model, while IT outsourcing follows a task-by-task approach. Whether hourly or not, IT outsourcing involves specific itemized IT tasks offered by a third-party vendor.

For certain companies, outsourcing small IT tasks proves cost-effective compared to hiring long-term experts. Opting for a third-party vendor ensures access to highly specialized IT technicians capable of providing the precise assistance required.

In Final Words

Now you know the main difference between managed IT services and outsourcing and can make the right decision whether to outsource IT or go for managed IT services. These two have their unique benefits, outsourcing is best if you have enough in-house IT staff otherwise it is better to hire MSP.

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