Morning Desert Safari – Experience An Ethereal Dawn in Dubai

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Dubai is a renowned tourist destination. The city is known for opening opportunities to its visitors to witness the wonderful development of the UAE from a closer viewpoint. From free-falling right above the Palm Jumeirah Island to screaming over the jeep manoeuvres while dune bashing in a desert safari. From exploring the souk markets to witnessing the breathtaking views from at the top of Burj Khalifa. The Emirates keeps countless bounties for travellers and locals to create lifelong memories. 

So to create adventurous memories, we, the temporary guests of Dubai, were off to a morning off-road tours. Morning desert safari Dubai was on my bucket list for so long & I pulled my friends to visit it. No matter how short our stay is going to be in Dubai. 

Considering our short interval of stay, we opted for a morning expedition through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. They are indeed super enthusiastic people and try their best to make your holiday in the wild, worth cherishing. Want to unlock what we discovered in a morning desert safari? Keep on reading!

Early Morning Desert Safari with Limitless Adventures

1.   Reach the Desert

The fun begins right in the early morning hours, usually an hour before sunrise. The itinerary offers to pick up in an off-road vehicle, bus service, or self-driven morning desert safari in Dubai. All of these are different from one another depending upon your budget and availability. Team Happy Adventures Tourism also provides these services with premium quality. If you grab a self-driven package by the, you’ll get free parking space.

 Bus services and pick & drop are also quite timely and conceivable. A standard morning expedition to the dune is of 4 hours in which the sunrise is the major perk.

2.           Spectacular Sunrise

The sunrise at the Arabian dunes is beyond the sketch I had imagined in my parallel universe. I must say it was soul refreshing! The rising sun turns the whole bareness drowned in serenity. Sunrise moments are the golden ones for the photographers who cover miles to see the glimpses of nature’s show. 

We also had an amazing photoshoot by the photographer of team Happy Adventures Tourism. The fascinating golden hues highlight the widespread sand ripples which provide a perfect landscape for your images. Also, the floating hot air balloons in the blue background seem so captivating. A morning desert safari is the best gift you can give a Words Worth fan, your partner, and most importantly; to yourself!


3. Activities at the Terrain

  • Dune Bashing

The adventurists from all over the world have made this terrain sport, the most exotic activity to do at the dunes. We too were pretty excited for dune bashing in those tempting SUVs. Those furious SUVs make the dune arena more colorful and exciting. We had a Nissan Patrol ride along with our tour operator from team Happy Adventures Tourism. That fifteen-minute ride was adrenaline-pumping and surely a must-try for an adrenaline junkie! You can choose the SUV of your choice. There is a rush of furious terrain vehicles at the dune arena. These include land cruisers, hummers, rovers, wrangler jeeps, and dune buggies. Grab whatever you like and go unstoppable across the dunes!

  • Sand Boarding

Sand skiing is a fun-filled activity at the dunes, especially for kids. This activity is similar to that of hovering in the streets, ice skiing, and waterboarding. The difference is, you only get a chance to experience it right here in the heart of the Arabian dunes. Cuddle in the golden sand sea by trying to balance your feet on a sandboard.

  • Quad Biking

Quad biking is also the most opted sand activity like dune bashing at the terrain. In this, you first have to take a quick guide from an expert professional on how to drive a quad bike. Then cross the high-end dunes on your quad bike like a dare-devil. The most amazing fact about riding a quad bike is that you get a chance to drift over the high dunes solely. So make your dreams of maneuvering a furious vehicle come true in a dreamy landscape!

  • Camel Safari

Camel safari is a must-try activity in the desert of UAE. By riding a camel, you get a chance to explore the dunes from a closer perspective. Discover the unseen flora and fauna of a marshy habitat by having an adventurous camel ride. Moreover, the desert cannot explore barely on its feet. You’ll soon find yourself exhausted. Well, camels are the saviors in a morning desert safari!

4.   Morning Savory

Cherish your precious moments at the breakfast table set for you at the dunes. Team Happy Adventures Tourism served us a luscious breakfast that contained the Arabian and international savory. The delicacy included every breakfast essentials from Arabic bread & sweet noodles to pancakes and tea. The heavenly Arabian coffee was presented along with dates. We made the most out of our free & unlimited access to the refreshing beverages. Consuming a luscious morning meal at those colorful campsites is a worth-cherishing time together.

5.   Arabian Art and Cultural Insight

The lively Arabian artistry is present beautifully in the cloak of its enlivened customary. The traditional activities going on at the campsite are pretty inspiring and overwhelming at the same time. The Arabian Henna art is quite famous in Asian countries, and so the traditional ensembles of Arabs are. 

Women and kids seem involved in the Henna painting activity while men disguise themselves in the Arabian Kandura dressed. I still have that picture with the falcon bird in the headscarf on! You can grab the dress from nearby stalls at the campsite which also sells exciting props to the visitors. 

Falconry is the heritage hunting technique that was first adopted by the nomads. The scarcity of food and water led them to train their falcons to hunt prey. However, the Arabs developed, they still keep this tradition alive in order to relive their historical norms. Moreover, the visitors get fascinated by the luring action of the national bird in the golden sand.

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The magic of the dawn at the morning desert safari a traveler fanatic. He discovers a fanatic in himself about the rising sun the glimmering dunes, the exquisite flora & fauna, a lovely displays at the campsites. These dainty components of the desert make this place a must-visit not only in Dubai but in the whole middle-east. 

Grabbing trusted travel partners is an important part in discovering a place for the first time. We unloaded half of our burden by reaching out to Happy Adventures Tourism LLC who happened to be a great expedition team. So get your planners early if you are all set to visit the exotic destination – Dubai and its exquisite dunes!



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