Muslim Tasbih Prayer beads

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Muslim Prayer tasbih

  • Muslim Tasbih Prayer is a must for all Moslems,
  • purchase muslim tasbih prayer for yourself?
  • tasbih is compulsory for all Muslims who are followers of the Sunnah

Muslim Tasbih Prayer is a must for all Moslems, especially in these modern times. The Salah is the call of all Moslems especially in order to obey God by bringing him the Islamic religion into effect. As you know, all Moslems are required by their religious scriptures to pray.

How to purchase tasbih prayer beads for yourself? Simply tap on “Buy” option above to place the order and go with your final decision. Enter your complete delivery address (which includes a zip code and an apartment number) and a phone number.

online sales stores give their customers the option of selecting tasbih beads 

The online sales stores give their customers the option of selecting either the regular price or the discounted price. In case of regular price, the customer is required to enter the price in the shopping cart. Once the customer has chosen a prayer book of his choice, he submits the payment and then within few hours the books are shipped to the customer’s door steps. This is called as online sales.

On the other hand, if you opt for the discounted price, then you will be requested to place a “Request to Buy” request. You have to provide your credit card details so that the order can be processed. After approval, the books are shipped directly to your home. The payment is also made through credit card. So, it is easy to make the payment while sitting at your home and the books are delivered to you within few days.

Muslim tasbih is compulsory for all Muslims who are followers of the Sunnah of prophet Muhammad (SAW), peace be upon him. It is a must for every Muslim to perform this prayer regularly. The best time to perform this is in the early morning before dawn. However, you can perform it at any time of the day.

some important points that you should consider while performing this prayer.

There are some important points that you should consider while performing these prayer beads. You should always face the Qibla facing the direction of the Qibla. And you should stand while reciting the lira. You should not sit on the chair but keep on sitting till the end of the prayer. This is to recite the qira which is the last prayer of the tasbih.

You should have an intention to make du’a which means obeying God’s command. So you should follow all the rules and guidelines of Islam. You should try to lead a neat and clean life. You should try to do good to others. Before starting the prayer, you should read tazkir with proper guidance so that you know the exact words which are to be repeated.

After reciting the qira you should give thanks to Allah for his guidance and protection. You should then join hands with the believers and Muslims around you. You should keep on saying Salama Al-Rabbi, Allahumma Rabbika and Salama Al-Nabi. Finally you should go to the toilet and repeat the Muslim prayer after finishing your meal. After doing all these you can start your fast.

Muslim fasting is very important as it is one way of showing respect to the holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and to other holy personalities who were alive before us. It is one way of being cautious about our health and wealth. You should keep yourself healthy as fast food, fatty foods and processed food will harm your body. It will also make you weak physically.

Muslims should not use perfume or deodorants before prayers

.Muslims should not use perfume or deodorants before prayers. Muslim should take food at small intervals so that it does not create a problem in his stomach. You should clean your stomach before going to prayers and after you should eat a small amount of food so that it does not create any problem in your stomach.

He should keep himself busy with studies as it will increase his spirituality and keep him away from the evil eye. Muslim should be patient as he has to fast for twenty-five minutes. You should keep yourself clean by taking water and washing your face as mentioned in the Shari’a.

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