Tips For Buying Prayer Beads

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Beautiful design, beautiful finish Muslim wooden prayer beads for Muslim women. Great for daily wear, for reciting verses of the Qur’an, or for use in making jewelry or handcrafted pieces for worship. Quality product. Very fine for Ismailic prayer tasbih for Muslims.

Brown Size: 6mm. This is a very fine and delicate brownish colored bead. It is not polished or bleached and is not varnished. The beads are plated with copper. Color: Yellow

Black Size: 14mm. A lovely black round bead. Has a slight sheen to it. The color is very natural looking and is worn by many different people all over the world.

Orange Size: 7mm. This is a very strong light orange glass bead with red and blue alternating colors. Very attractive.

Pinkish Purple Color: 8mm. A very fine pinkish-purple glass prayer beads. The beads are beautifully made and hold together very well. They are sometimes used in jewelry making.

Green Size: 12mm. An excellent choice. A wonderful green glass tasbih. These are very durable and beautiful. They are dyed a dark green to make them appear more natural. They can be worked easily in metal and wood.

Brown Glass Type: 5.7mm. Very nice, brown glass tasbih prayer beads that come in many lovely shades of pink and brown. These beads are easy to work with and they are extremely versatile. Can be worked into intricate patterns, polishing them up to make the beads look like gemstones.

Mosaic Color: 5.3mm. A great color to mix and match with other items. Great color choice for prayer beads. These beads can be worked with almost anything, and they will stay cool even if you wear them all day. These prayer beads are a great way to create unique jewelry items for your home or for special occasions.

Pearl Color: 9.5mm. Very good, high-quality prayer beads. The solid pearl is the top bead on this list. They come in a variety of colors, such as aqua, garnet, purple, pink, teal, and peach. Pearl beads are wonderful for everyday wear, but they also look fantastic when you dress them up with clothing.

White Color: 9.5mm. Probably, the most popular prayer beads on the market. These beads are ideal for everyday wear, but they are also great for decorating with. They come in a variety of shades of white. Pearl beads are available in various sizes as well.

Yellow Color: 9.5mm. Great for decorating with, especially with metal items such as prayer beads. These beads are very pretty, and they look especially pretty when mixed with gemstones. They have a nice round shape to them, which is perfect for tasbih, which is when you wrap your hands around the object to bind it.

Silver or Gold Color: 9.5mm. Very pretty, and quite a few people choose these beads to use for tasbih because they are quite round. They are great for all sorts of things, from simple embellishments to elaborate prayer beads.

Green color: 9.5mm. This is usually reserved for jewelry that is made from natural materials, such as pearls or gemstones. Green prayer beads are very popular today, and they look very good on the body. They are very versatile, too, since you can wear them in a number of different ways. Some people wear green prayer beads around their wrists, and others wear them around their ankles or forearms.

Whether you choose pearl beads, yellow color prayer beads, or a number of other options, you need to remember that you’re getting what you pay for. You should make sure that the beads you buy are of high quality and are not going to come apart before you ever finish using them. Prayer beads are very small, so they can easily break if you try to wear them in the wrong way.


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