Preparation Tips: FIA New Jobs 2021

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The Government of Pakistan has announced more than 2000 vacancies in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA new jobs) from BS-01 to BS-15. These vacancies include posts for both males and females. The employee benefits of FIA Jobs include interest-free loans, medical facilities, lab facilities, scholarships for children, and much more. Hence, these jobs are one of the most awaited jobs in Pakistan. These vacancies are announced on 30th May 2021 through several newspapers, including Jang News and Express-News. The last date of submission of the FIA jobs 2021 application form is 16th June 2021.


What is FIA? 

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), part of Pakistan’s Interior Ministry, is in charge of security, criminal investigations, and counterintelligence. In 1947, FIA was codified under The Constitution of Pakistan. The FIA also conducts international operations with Interpol’s close collaboration and coordination. It has headquarters in Islamabad and has several branches in the main cities of Pakistan. The Act, 1974 (VIII OF 1975) provides the constitution of FIA. The major purpose and objective of the FIA are to preserve and defend Pakistan’s interests and uphold criminal legislation and law enforcement in the country. The main departments of FIA include Counter-Terrorism Wing, Economic Crime Wing, Anti-Corruption Wing, Technical Wing, Immigration Wing, Anti Trafficking Unit, National Central Bureau, and Legal Branch.


How to apply for FIA New Jobs 2021?

  • The candidates can submit the FIA jobs 2021 application form on the web portal of FIA, i.e., jobs 2021. The information mentioned in the FIA jobs 2021 application form will be considered final.
  • On jobs 2021, there are detailed instructions and rules for applying.
  • The applicants are only required to fill the online FIA jobs 2021 application form; no hard copy is required.
  • The educational credentials are to be attested and verified.
  • The last date for submission of the FIA jobs 2021 application form is 14th June 2021.


The selection criteria for FIA new jobs 2021 comprise an MCQs-based written test and an interview followed by a medical/ physical test. However, it is necessary to clear the written test stage to proceed to the next stage, i.e., the Interview stage.


Preparation Tips for the FIA new jobs 2021 written test 

  • Start as early as possible
  • Go through the syllabus of FIA thoroughly and make a proper schedule
  • For the written test, it is important to have a firm grip over current affairs, general knowledge, day-to-day science, mathematics, Urdu language, Pakistan studies, Islamiyat, and English grammar.
  • Practice questions from past papers
  • Practice as much as possible
  • Prepare with the guidebook for FIA new jobs 2021
  • Equally, divide the sections and then practice
  • Have group study sessions with your peers
  • Before the test day, revise the notes and take proper sleep



The Resource to Prepare for FIA New Jobs 2021 

A Recruitment Guide by Dogar Books for FIA new jobs 2021 provides a complete guide to how to get ready for a written test. This guide serves as the best preparation resource for FIA new jobs 2021 by having the whole syllabus and practice questions confined in one place. It contains a complete Diagnostic Test to give an analysis regarding the current preparation level. In this guidebook, the syllabus is adequately arranged into sections.


For instance, the section of General Knowledge is further divided into subsections of geography, seaports, disputed territories, and more. The main sections included are English, General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, Everyday Science, Computer Studies, Economics, FIA Act 1947, Current Affairs, and Analytical Abilities. Along with this, the original past papers of the FIA test are also included at the end. One of the most eminent features of this guidebook is that there are practice questions after each topic. In this way, it will enable you to attempt some questions as practice while going through the complete syllabus. In addition to this, with ten solved past papers of FIA, this guidebook ensures the complete preparation for the test.


Sample Questions From FIA Sub-Inspector 2018 Past Paper


  1. Noschatant is most dissimilar to: 

(a) Intelligent        (b) Popular

(c) Concerned      (d) Reckless


  1. Find the word that is misspelled:

(a) Visionary       (b) Virtuoso

(c) Vigor             (d) No Mistakes


  1. Which keys we press to increase font size of selected text in MS word  

(a) Ctrl + ]          (b) Ctrl + [

(c) Ctrl + (          (d) Ctrl + )


  1. Protocol which assigns IP address to client connected to Internet is:

(a) DHCP        (b) IP

(c) Rpc           (d) Html


  1. Arrange the following in chronological order:
  2. Formation of Interim Government 
  3. Recall of Lord Linlithgow 
  4. Cabinet Mission 
  5. Cripps Mission 
  6. Lord Wavell’s proposals 
  7. Mountbatten Plan 


(a) 2,3,1,4,6,5          (b) 2,4,5,3,1,6

(c) 4,2,1,5,3             (d) 1,2,4,3,6,5


Some FAQ on FIA 


  1. When was FIA founded in Pakistan?

Mr. Gul Ahmed submitted a report on “Police Reforms” on 07th April 1972. This report suggested the establishment of a Federal Police Organization that would deal with issues like narcotics, smuggling, immigration and passports, and currency offenses. Following the advice, the FIA Act of 1947 came into effect on 13th January 1975. This Federal Police Organization was named as Federal Investigation Agency.


  1. Who is the head of FIA?

The head of FIA is a Director-General who is a Senior Police Officer of BPS 21/22. He functions from the headquarters, which are based in Islamabad. Currently, this post is with Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed Leghari, PSP.


  1. How to contact FIA?

There are several ways to contact FIA. You can register any query through the Feedback Form on jobs 2021. Other than this, you can also send an email at Along with this, general questions can be clarified through the Helpline, 111-345-786, too.


  1. What is the qualification and salary of an ASI in FIA? 

For an Assistant Sub Inspector, ASI, the education requirement is intermediate. The other eligibility criteria also include height around 5 feet 6 inches and age criteria of 18 to 25 years. Moreover, the minimum basic salary of an Assistant Sub Inspector of BS-11 is Rs. 12,570, and the maximum is Rs. 38,970 with an increment of Rs 880 annually.


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