Psychology of Colours While Buying Women’s Wallet

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What we wear and what kind of colours we choose speaks so much about us. Every colour in our life has an impact on our personality and can bring positive aspects. They are known to spread prosperity and positivity in life. 

Colours have a hidden meaning, like red is for power, it brings happiness, good luck and success. 

Likewise, yellow represents hope. Just by adding a pinch of colours in your clothes, shoes or handbag, you can attract many positive vibrations.

Wallets are the significance of your wealth so you must choose a colour that attracts prosperity. They work efficiently in carrying many important things for you like keys, money, ids and credit cards.

Let us talk about different colours that you can choose while buying a wallet that will not only look attractive but will also bring positive effects.

The colour black

A mystic colour, black brings power and elegance. In fact, according to feng shui, this colour attracts money. Best combined with bright-toned clothes, a black handbag makes you look formal and simple.

Go for a black satchel handbag for office or a black sequined clutch for a wedding; and pair it with a red coloured dress, to look more appealing.

The fiery red

Vibrant and fiery, a red coloured wallet looks quite splendid. This colour symbolises energy, passion and love. Carrying colour red indicates a courageous personality. Tend to stand out; you can buy a wallet in different shades of red like a pink, lighter shade of red, red-brown and dark red. Try out red for your next wallet purchase to add some vivacious energy in your appearance.

The colour green

Green is a colour associated with development and positivity. Attracts idea and creativity, carrying a green coloured handbag is associated with money and prosperity. Whether you choose a dark green, yellow-green combination, colour aqua or olive green, these shades make you look fresh and down to earth.

The colour blue

Blue is the colour of stability and loyalty. This colour brings out confidence, faith and makes you look creative and simple. Blue has an impact on your mind as well as body. Carrying a blue coloured handbag or clothes can bring a soothing and calm effect on you. Many believe the colour blue is masculine, but that is not true at all. Combine it with yellow, red or other warm colours to get a feminine touch and make your appearance more impactful. 

The colour white

Colour of purity and innocence, white is known as the colour of precision. This colour can bring a positive impact on you. Carrying a white handbag makes you look versatile and elegant. Adding simplicity to the overall appearance you can combine this with any shades or even go for all white, it can make you look divine and stylish. 

The colour yellow

Chirpy and bright, the colour yellow is a symbol of happiness, joy and energy. It brings out a warm, pleasant and cheerful effect on your personality. A yellow coloured handbag when combined with dark-toned clothes, add a very natural and elegant look. A yellow handbag especially paired with black coloured clothes can easily attract lots of attention. However, this colour tends to be missed if paired with the colour white that is why it is always advisable to go for darker shades. 

The bottom line

Colours can add so much to your life, they affect you psychologically and when paired right they can make your overall look more appealing and attractive. Choose different shades for your wallet and attract some positive vibes in your life. 

Pamper your wallet a little by keeping it clean and keep them in place that secures them from wear and tear.  Whether you go for buying ladies handbags online or from the store, make sure that you buy from a reliable brand that comes with quality and simplicity.

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