QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Updates For 2020: Things To Know

QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Updates For 2020: Things To Know
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If you wish to run payroll without any errors in QuickBooks, it is essential for you to update your tax tables to the newest release. Updating tax tables can help you resolve a multitude of errors. Also, this also ensures an error-free tax filing experience for every individual who uses QuickBooks as their go-to accounting tool. Along with updating tax tables, you need to also make sure to have an active subscription to QuickBooks payroll. This article will uncover the fundamentals so that you can execute your QuickBooks payroll tax table updates for 2020.

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Check The Current Version Of Tax Tables Before You Do QuickBooks Payroll Update 2020

Before you start the actual process to update tax tables, you must check your current version of tax tables. Checking the tax tables allows you to understand what updates are required. Go through the measures stated below:

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Now, in the Employees tab, you need to choose My Payroll Service. Finally, click on Tax Table Information.
  3. Move to the You Are Using The Tax Table Version section. You can note down the first three numbers used.
  4. If you are using the latest payroll updates, the number should display 10929004.
  5. If the first three numbers aren’t 109, then you can be sure that the tax tables are outdated. In this case, you’ll have to follow the instructions explained in the next section.
  6. It takes time for tax tables to update as you won’t see them corrected immediately. For example, if you download the tax table version on a particular date, you are most likely to see them updated on the first of the month.

Now that you are aware of these steps, it only makes sense for you to check the actual measures that can help you update your payroll tax table to the latest release.

Quickly Download The Latest Tax Table In QuickBooks Desktop With These Easy Steps

This section will cover the actual steps that you can perform to update QuickBooks to the latest tax table release. You can select any of the methods depending on your preference. Now, go through the procedures given below:

Method 1: Update QuickBooks Automatically

You can configure QuickBooks to update automatically. Doing this will set QuickBooks to download payroll updates automatically. In fact, the updates are downloaded as soon as they’re available. To set up automatic updates, you can execute the measures given below:

  1. Move to the Help menu and choose Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. You can now go to the Update Now tab. As a matter of fact, you can Reset the Update checkbox to clear all your previous update downloads.
  3. Choose Get Updates to start your download.
  4. You can restart QuickBooks when the download is done and complete.
  5. Finally, accept the option to install the newest release.
  6. You can also set up or schedule automatic future automatic updates. To do that, first, go to the Help menu.
  7. You can then Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  8. Now move to the Options tab.
  9. You can finally choose Yes to turn on automatic updates. Select Yes for each computer if you wish to share automatic downloads with other computers on the network.
  10. Finally, you can choose Close.
  11. With this, QuickBooks will automatically download updates when they’re available.

If these measures haven’t helped you update the payroll tax table, then you can try the following method discussed below.

Method 2: Manual Procedure

Try this process for QuickBooks payroll tax table updates for 2020 if the above process is too complex for you to follow. You can certainly attempt the below method if the previous method hasn’t helped you achieve the task intended:

  1. Choose Update QuickBooks. You can click on this option in the Help menu.
  2. Now move to the Update Now tab.
  3. Finally, choose Get Updates.
  4. You can then choose File and then click on Exit.
  5. Finally, restart QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks payroll tax table updates for 2020 can be achieved by the two methods explained in this blog. You can certainly attempt any of the two methods explained in this blog. Just make sure to implement the measures stated correctly. Also, check your current version of the payroll tax table before you update your payroll tax table to the latest release. Be wary of these points, and you can confidently update the payroll tax table to the latest release.

To learn more about this procedure, you can contact the team of QuickBooks Professionals at 1-855-948-3646.

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