5 SEO Trends That Are Dominating in 2022

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Did you know 70% of marketers still view SEO as more important than pay-per-click ads?

Organic search is still dominating the marketing space, and staying up to date with the 2022 SEO trends will keep your business on top.

SEO strategies need to adapt every year, or other businesses may edge yours out in search results.

Continue reading to learn the 5 search engine optimization trends that are dominating 2022.

1. Focusing on Mobile SEO

Every year, a greater percentage of website traffic comes from mobile devices, but so many companies still haven’t optimized their content for mobile viewing.

Companies that have prioritized mobile viewership understand the top SEO trends. Organic search has been headed in this direction for years, and it tops our list because we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

Alternative search devices are one of the major reasons why more businesses are outsourcing SEO services. Complete digital agencies, like Design ME Marketing, specialize in all angles of SEO.

2. Optimizing for Passage Indexing

Last year, Google began indexing specific passages on website pages through its language processing technology.

This is important, especially for websites with longer-form content. Now, Google will begin to rank specific passages in your content, which is great for websites with great content.

Because of this, online content will likely begin to “passage optimize.” Writers now need to organize their content based on the specific ideas in passages that website crawlers will now rank.

3. Search Intent Is More Trackable

Google is getting better at recognizing search intent, instead of each individual search.

Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) was implemented in 2021 to better break down language barriers and the need for multiple searches. Since then, we have seen Google take a serious interest in the search intent of users.

With Google finding better ways to track search intent, we can expect better search results.

4. Backlinking May Not Be as Important

Previously, domain authority was one of the most important factors. Backlinking was vital because it boosted website authority.

While backlinking is still important, the addition of passage indexing and MUM means Google is getting better at identifying good content and connecting it with what users are looking for.

If this trend continues, website authority will not be as important, which means backlinking will be less important.

5. AI Content

Will 2022 be the year AI content is good enough to be widely adopted? We aren’t sure because Google is focusing so hard on ranking original, high-quality content.

What we do know is AI content will also improve a lot. There will be a time when AI takes over marketing content creation. It may not be this year, but we should expect serious improvements in technology.

Use These SEO Trends in Your Content

These SEO trends should continue to prioritize high-quality content, which is great news for creators. If you are already publishing great, original writing, you are in luck this year.

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