Solve HR Challenges with Employee Engagement Platform

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It goes without saying that businesses who invest in smart technology have a leg up on the competition when it comes to creating a connected workforce that is more engaged, productive, and creative. But, can an employee engagement platform assist HR professionals achieve these goals while also supporting the unique problems they confront on a daily basis?

Yes of course!

Whether you’re seeking to attract more talent by expressing your Employee Value Proposition, finding innovative methods to connect distant employees, or trying to raise morale while cutting operating expenses, a successful employee engagement platform could be the key you’ve been looking for.

So, what exactly is a platform for employee engagement?

An employee engagement platform is a centralized location where your employees can get all of the information they need to make working at your company great – all in one place. It’s a type of application that businesses utilize to boost employee job satisfaction and retain top talent. The idea is to enable employees to become involved in their company’s mission and culture, allowing them to be more productive and effective.

More importantly, a successful engagement platform will be able to be customized to fit the needs of your company, whether it’s a daily communication channel, a culture hub, a wellness portal, or a reward and recognition system.

Here are a few ways we have built to inform, inspire, and empower employees to assist you in addressing typical HR issues:

Employees should be informed about the benefits to which they are entitled

If you provide a variety of benefits to your employees, consolidating them under one roof is a wonderful approach to save time and promote acceptance. It can also be aggravating to receive a flood of questions from employees concerning their salary and vacation benefits, as well as which team to contact for assistance with a specific problem. Hosting your HR knowledge base and providing an information hub via a common gateway can help your employees locate what they need more quickly while also saving you time on administration. You’ve already spent a lot of money to introduce employee discounts, so if they’re not having the desired effect, a single site that holds all of the information about each program can help you maximize the return on your investment.

Demonstrate what makes your firm unique to attract top employees 

If your employees understand what makes working for your company wonderful and what makes their job gratifying, they will be more collaborative and loyal, as well as more inclined to share that knowledge and experience with their friends and family. Having an employee engagement hub may help keep your workers connected, informed, and – of course – engaged, whether you offer flexible working, pet-friendly workplaces, free yoga, or employee discount programs.

Increase your company’s purpose, mission, and values awareness 

An employee engagement platform can make it easier for your executives to communicate to new (and existing!) employees “What it means to work here” or “What we value in you.” It can also help your staff feel valued by reinforcing positive attitudes and behaviors.

Increase productivity and morale by cultivating a culture of gratitude 

A peer-to-peer appreciation program, such as E-Cards, is a low-cost approach to foster a culture of gratitude and encourage employees to thank their coworkers at any time and from any location.

They can build your culture by encouraging individuals to express simple greetings such as “Welcome to the team” or “Happy birthday,” or they can go even farther by aligning specific achievements with your corporate principles. Adding a company award to that moment of recognition is also a great way to demonstrate that a specific accomplishment or action had a significant impact. Different tiers or layers of your employee recognition pyramid can help you show what excellent, better, and best looks like for your business.

Clear, company-wide communications will cut through the clutter 

We understand that getting critical announcements, policies, and information out to employees can be difficult. With thousands of instant messages and emails arriving in people’s inboxes every day, getting a message to all of a company’s divisions can be difficult. Other teams’ voices can also be heard thanks to a consolidated employee communications platform.

As your team adapts to new challenges, technology will play an increasingly important role in boosting and retaining employee engagement, as well as solving issues like lack of visibility and communication. Creating an employee engagement platform is a great way to start informing, connecting, and enhancing your increasingly mixed workforce’s culture.


Advantage Club is a global provider of employee benefits. The platform serves to digitize all employee demands under one canopy through numerous employee engagement programs such as incentives, rewards & recognition, flexible and tax-saving modules. It now serves over 300 organizations in 70 countries and has over 10,000 brand partnerships.




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