Some Important Cryptocurrency Terms To Know

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Besides becoming a popular phenomenon in the financial world, cryptocurrency has found its 

importance as an investment asset. They are akin to features of traditional currencies, but they are more beyond to it in serving delicate financial products. The dawn of cryptocurrency took place with the inception of Bitcoin by its pseudonym founder Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. This was the first time when people got introduced to a new P2P (Peer-to-Peer) electronic cash system. The rise of Bitcoin posed a new alternative to traditional currencies. People expressed much interest in learning various cryptocurrency terms.

However, if you sneak into their history of price, many experts judged cryptocurrency to be like a bubble that can be dismissed very easily. And no doubt, uncertainty is a bitter fact which is prevalent in cryptocurrency. But amid all the doubtful perception, cryptocurrency still manages to hold the attention of people across the world and shows the potential to bring changes in the economic world. 

Brief History Of Cryptocurrency

As mentioned above, the history of cryptocurrency dates back to the year 2009, when a new peer to peer electronic cash system called Bitcoin was developed by a pseudonym person, popularly known as Satoshi Nakamoto. There had been controversy behind who is the real founder of Bitcoin, but nothing came as much of a conclusion, and Satoshi remained a popular name behind the Bitcoin foundation. There is even a special term on his name called ‘Satoshi’ among the other important cryptocurrency terms. The actual meaning of this term is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

Although, the innovation of Bitcoin as a new electronic cash system did not gather much appreciation in the beginning. It was rather understood as forging of electronic information indicating the misuse of money by unlawful characters. Initially, the reliability was bestowed on servers that were centrally managed to hold electronic cash. But being prone to cyberattacks raised a serious question. 

If you come across cryptocurrency terms, then you will notice a term called ‘whitepaper’. Bitcoin’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto in its white paper expressed concern regarding security and forgery issues. The creation of an unchangeable ledger made it possible for transferring, sending, and storing value by the users. 

Some Important Cryptocurrency Terms

There is a pool of important cryptocurrency terms. Some of them include:

Dead Coins

Dead coins are one of the important cryptocurrency terms. Going by the name, the state of these coins is just like being dead as their developers left in the mid-way, abandoning them. There are other reasons for why they are being called dead coins. It is because they are left with no nodes, social updates, wallet problems, and lower value.

Cryptocurrency ETF

This is also one of the important cryptocurrency terms which every crypto enthusiast must be knowing. The working of a crypto ETF revolves tracking single or multiple digital tokens.


No, we are not referring to the giant marine fish, but the term is used for those big players in the cryptocurrency market, that manipulates price as per their own choice and hold maximum Bitcoins. 


There are more cryptocurrencies terms that you must be knowing other than the ones which are mentioned in the blog. Cryptocurrencies have proved their mettle in being secured, speedy with no friction in terms of moving, spending, and storing value. This new electronic monetary concept has posed a new challenge to financial regular pillars. Despite being in doubt about their uncertainty, cryptocurrencies have successfully gathered much attention in being a decentralized and independent monetary technology that doesn’t fall under the government’s rule or middlemen. Cryptoknowmics stands at its best in terms of the best trading view indicators giving you the important updates of the crypto industry.

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