How Can I Stop Avast Auto-Renewal? Subscription to Billing

How Can I Stop Avast Auto-Renewal? Subscription to Billing
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Avast is an antivirus and Internet security application used by the majority of Windows users. But, Mac users also join the mix since the antivirus has been released worldwide and is compatible with the majority of platforms. It’s not just security, but also VPN as well.

As we know when you purchase Avast initially, you’ll receive a one-year subscription when it has been completed after one year. It will then deduct the amount from the account you used to purchase the antivirus.

If the user fails to decide to Cancel Avast Subscription, it will be charged for auto-renewal when you go past the date of cancellation. This is why it is one of the well-known online security companies that offer the best solution to detect malware and securing our devices.

Can I cancel this Avast auto-renewal? Yes, it’s possible to do so. There are a variety of methods to stop the Avast renewal before the date is exceeded, However, one of the most straightforward methods is to enter the correct details on the Avast customer panel.

Do you know that Avast offers a 60-day free trial? Yes, you read it correctly Well, avast has this policy of free trial for 60 days after 60 days of the trial. If you are unable to not terminate the trial during these timeframes due to any reason, avast will reduce the amount using the auto-renewal feature. In this case, you can request a refund from Avast support.

How to disable automatic renewal avast?

You’re thinking of canceling the Avast subscription? I’m sure that there are many users who use it and wish to end their subscription without spending money, but it’s not difficult to stop Avast’s Auto-Renewal of Avast Antivirus. This article will present the various solutions to Avast Subscription If you’ve did not pay for renewal according to our suggestions. You can also request the refund you were promised by Avast.

As we mentioned earlier there are a variety of ways to terminate your subscription to avast. However, we have provided two methods to assist you in achieving this The best part about these two options is that it will not take long approximately. time is about 15 minutes, Follow the steps below to stop the subscription.

Another option is using a digital river account or Nexway account. You are able to easily remove your specific subscription from Nexway or the digital river.

Cancel Auto-Renewal via the Customer Portal

This is for the digital river, if you acquired the digital stream and when its interface appears you will be able to visit the customer portal.

  1. To begin, go to the portal to customers of the digital river. Once it is open, sign in using your account number and password.
  2. In case if you don’t remember your login credentials, you can find them in your mail by typing in the search bar with the subject line “Avast – Order Confirmation (Order #YOUR-ORDER-ID)”
  3. When you have found the details of your order in the customer portal you need to click on Manage Subscription. Here you can view the details of your subscription and tap on auto-renewals.
  4. Press on turn-off and after you have turned it off, it will show a message to confirm the action by clicking on Disable Automatic Renewal popup message.
  5. Congo If your auto-renewal subscription to avast has been canceled. You should look for the off option in the Automatic renewals section.
  6. Be aware that once you have canceled the auto-renewal of avast, it will also delete the signature from your avast email from the email address that you have registered.
  7. You’ll soon receive a cancellation confirmation email from Avast with the message ” Avast – Auto-Renewal Feature Stopped.”

Stop Auto-Renewal using Avast Account

Are you aware that you can stop Auto-Renewal Using Avast Account Within 5 minutes? It’s possible, and using the same method you might experience interruptions and so what are you wasting time waiting for? Let’s discuss the steps you can take to stop your auto-renewal on Avast.

  1. First, launch the avast application. Once it’s opened up. You will be able to sign in on the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. You can now log in using the initial credential (Email and Password ensure that you input the same information that was in use when you bought the Avast).
  3. When you log into your account, you will find the license section. tap it to navigate to this section.
  4. You should now see auto-renewal on the screen of the license section.
  5. This is the last procedure: you can cancel the auto-renewal by pressing the cancel button. Once you click on the button, the cancel button, you can proceed to complete your request.
  6. After you’ve successfully canceled auto-renewal. You will receive a confirmation email informing you that the Auto-Renewal Feature Has Been Stopped.

What is the policy for refunds to Removing Avast Subscription?

Did Avast remove money to pay to renew your auto-renewal? If so, then you may have missed the deadline of cancellation of auto-renewal, and avast took the automatic deduction of the amount you paid, and you should be concerned. However, have to worry about the refund. Avast provides this option to claim the refund that was deducted. It’s easy and has and there is no need to worry once avast deducts the amount, you be given 30 days to apply for the refund.

But, avast has two different user policies for a new and an old user, however, you must have the avast customer support billing available to you. Here’s the procedure you can take to request a refund from customer service at avast within 30 days of renewing your license if you’re a new user. The refund can last longer than 30 days and receive the reimbursement quickly, you have to follow our steps, which we’ve listed in the following.

Step1: First, go to the following link: and fill up the correct information, that you have used while purchasing the Avast Antivirus Software.

Step 2: Make sure to fill in the registered email that you registered with the avast account during the purchase.

Step 3: Once you’re finished, you’ll have to wait for Customer Service Support reports of avast as well as follow our guide on how to cancel your Avast subscription.


Avast is among the antivirus software that is typically is used to protect their devices. It identifies malware on your website and stops malware attacks because it’s one year of subscription. It’s automatically renewed, meaning that in the event that you do not renew the subscription by the final date of your subscription, Avast will take funds from your account.

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