5 Top Strategies for Content Marketing

strategies for content marketing
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Around 5 billion people globally use the internet.

With so many people online the potential for a business to grow through its digital content is limitless. Having an online presence is essential, but the type of content you use and how you present it will have a huge impact on how effective it is.

For 5 of the best strategies for content marketing, keep reading.

1. Video Marketing

In recent years video content has risen to become one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Text-based content marketing isn’t nearly as effective at catching people’s attention, and with video, you can provide engaging, easy-to-digest information about your brand.

Any good content strategy should involve video content to some degree. Strong content production processes can help you create the best content for your audience.

2. Email Marketing

While it’s one of the older types of content marketing, email marketing can still be very effective. Some businesses even find that it’s the most successful aspect of their entire marketing strategy.

To get the most out of this you want to send customers exclusive content from time to time. Personalizing emails by including things like the customer’s name will give a more natural and personal feel which can increase your CTR (clickthrough rate).

3. Brand Partnership

Two brands producing content together can yield positive results for both. It’s also become quite common for brands to collaborate with influencers. These are like modern-day celebrity endorsements but generally cost a lot less.

This will work best if you work with other companies/individuals who have a target audience that aligns with your brand. If your company sells sporting goods, for example, partnering up with an athlete/fitness influencer can be very beneficial.

4. Personalized Content

This is something you’re likely to have seen on video streaming services. If you watch a movie of a certain genre, they’ll recommend other similar films or TV shows that are similar. In this way, the brand is giving you a personalized experience by catering specifically to your tastes.

Implementing this sort of strategy can help customers with their purchasing decisions based on their previous habits. You can also implement this into your email marketing strategy, sending customers emails that have products that match up to their previous purchases.

5. Web Content Strategy

Your website is very important for your digital marketing strategy and will contain various types of content. One of the most important is web copy. This provides visitors with information, helps build relationships, generates leads, and influences customers.

You want to keep content varied throughout the stages of the sales funnel. Think about your customers’ needs and expectations to provide the best content you can. Be brief where possible and make your customers feel at home.

Web copy is also ideal for highlighting unique aspects of your business and showing your brand personality.

Implementing Strategies for Content Marketing

Understanding different strategies for content marketing is one thing, and implementing them is another. You want to use multiple of these strategies, and integrate them so that they work well together.

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