Substack: How to Make Money with Content Creation?

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Are you a content creator and want to monetize it? Today there is a new way to do it and it is called Substack, a service halfway between the blog and the newsletter that allows those who love to write or produce audio content to turn this passion into a profession and earn.

If you haven’t noticed it, we are facing a change and what was previously free online today is becoming more and more paid.

By now, we don’t find it strange to pay for music services and films, documentaries, and sporting events.

The newspapers have introduced paid services dedicated to those who want to learn more and exclusive content.

Influencers monetize their popularity thanks to services with which to reward their fanbase such as Onlyfans.

Artists and content creators, thanks to Patreon, monetize their efforts.

Among the free resources, Youtube resists, however, it allows you to obtain important earnings thanks to advertising, especially in certain niches.

And until today some blogs have lost a lot of popularity.

This happened partly due to the evolution of the habits of readers who are lazy and no longer used to reading, on the other hand precisely because writing content is one of the most tiring activities to do and which is currently paid the worst in the web world.

In the past this was not the case and, thanks to advertising, it was possible to earn really important figures.

Today, even the sites with large trafficking are not able to monetize thanks to advertising alone.

Hence the idea of ​​getting paid can take various forms such as the creation of exclusive courses and content.

Among the various services for monetizing one’s audience in recent times, Substack has become particularly popular.

Let’s see what it is, by whom it can be used, and how it works.

In this article

  • What is Substack?
  • How does it work?
  • How can you make money with Substack?
  • How much can I earn with Substack?

What is Substack?

Substack was born with the idea that what you read matters and that good content has value.

The service, therefore, allows content creators to get paid by their subscribers for what they produce, monetizing what they write and produce.

Substack, therefore, allows you to publish content and earn.

It was born in 2017 in San Francisco and soon became successful because it combines the blog with the power of the newsletter.

What is published is also sent via e-mail to subscribers, and is always an effective tool for conveying one’s content.

Today it allows different writers, journalists not only to earn a living but in many cases to thrive.

It does this by allowing them to publish Posts or Podcasts, visible only to those willing to pay.

How does it work?

It is very easy for content creator to open their own space on Substack.

If you want to do it, just go to the site and click on Get Started to register and start publishing.

Once you have chosen the name of the publication and a logo, you can enter a description of the theme and content you intend to deal with.

You will be able to import any subscribers to another newsletter and also the contents already published elsewhere.

You will then have your personal space available on the site:

If you want, you can also buy your domain name and connect it.

This service is paid and currently, the ability to link your domain to your Substack account costs 50 USD, in addition to the cost of the domain.

If you do not have articles ready to publish, you can create new ones, and to do so, all you have to do is click on Dashboard and then New Post and start writing.

By enabling the Podcast function in the settings, you can also decide to share Audio content to be distributed for free or for a fee.

Once you have finished your post or your Audio file you can click on Publish.

You can then choose whether:

  • the content is for everyone or only for paid users.
  • you want to allow comments only to your paid users or not;
  • you also prefer to send an email with the content to the Newsletter ;
  • you think you schedule the publication for a certain date and time.

Writing or producing content will depend on your skill, but Substack will guarantee you a very easy-to-use interface that works

Visitors, when they visit your site, will be encouraged to subscribe to the Newsletter, a very effective loyalty tool.

Finally, consider that Substack is also suitable for groups of authors, and once you have created your space on Substack you can add more authors with different specializations and permissions.

How can you make money with Substack?

Before thinking about earning, you need to collect a minimum of subscribers and start giving them value.

Remember that, although it is quite normal today to ask for money for what you do, the competition is very large and potential customers are willing to pay only for truly superlative content.

In any case, as your subscribers grow and their loyalty grows, you can connect your account to Stripe and start managing payments on your page.

To do this, simply go to the Settings and click on Set up Paid Subscriptions.

Here you can connect your bank account and that’s it, you can start earning with Substack.

How much can I earn with Substack?

Once monetization and paid subscriptions are activated, you can choose how much to charge monthly.

Please note that there is a minimum of 5 USD / EUR per month and a minimum of 30 USD per year.

You will also be able to allow your most loyal fans to become Founding Members and therefore recognize you an even higher amount.

Payment will be made immediately and 90% of the amount collected will be recognized directly on your account (10% is the Substack fee).

Activating paid subscriptions will not stop you from continuing to publish free content for your audience and for those who still don’t know your worth and need to enter your world before opening their wallet.

And are you ready to open your own online space?

If you want to do it easily and for free, why not try Substack?

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