Swim Capping 101: How to Put on Swim Caps in Two Different Ways

Swim Capping 101: How to Put on Swim Caps in Two Different Ways
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Do you struggle in putting on a swim cap?  Well, not anymore with these super easy steps that you can follow even with your both eyes closed. But, make sure you have read them first. 

Before we teach you the easiest methods we know, let us first unfold the amazing advantages of wearing a swim cap during a competition or even on a regular practice. Why do you think swimmers put on caps in the pool? Aside from it creates team identity in competitions, swimmers also wear personalised swim caps to protect their hair from the heavily-chlorinated water in the pool, to reduce the resistance when they swim and to keep the hair strands off of their faces.   

While swim caps can be very useful, some people find it a bit tricky to put on. To make it easier, always opt for swim cap materials that are made to give you a light fitting. With a few tips, you can say goodbye to the painful wearing of swim caps during pool times.   

First, we will teach you how to put it on by yourself. 

Keep your hair in place. 

If you have longer hair, consider tying into a bun to secure every strand in place. For shorter hair that cannot be tied back, you can use hairpins and clips to make sure the water won’t pull your hair out of the cap. 

Damp your hair with water. 

Once the hair is all secured and tied up, run it under a shower or a faucet for a few seconds to make your a hair a bit wet. This way allows the swim cap to easily slide over your head. Some swimmers even coat their hair with conditioner for a smoother way of putting the swim caps on.  

Damp the swim cap, too. 

Make sure that the insides of the swim caps are also dampened before you put them on. However, this approach depends on the type of material that the cap is made of. Some materials are harder to put on when wet. 

Put the swim cap on and adjust accordingly.

Now, tilt your head down to pull the front of your swim cap easily between the hairline and eyebrows. Allow your forehead to resist the front of the cap while you pull the other side down to cover the rest of your head. Tuck your ears and stray hairs in the cap to make sure no strand is left out. Finally, adjust the cap to your desired fitting.    

For when you have a partner to help you out, follow the instructions below.

Tie your hair. 

Similar to Step 1 of the first method, make sure your hair is all tied up into a bun before you put on the cap. 

Fill up the cap with water. 

Flip the cap inside out. The outer layer of the cap should be where the water is filled up with. Now, ask a partner to hold the sides of cap filled with water. While you are in a sitting position, your partner should be standing over you so that he or she can easily drop the cap on your head.

Drop it down.

To achieve a smooth drop, have your partner position the cap directly above your head. When all set, ask your partner to let go of the cap and allow it to fall on your head evenly. The dropping method works because of the weight of the water inside the cap that forces it to fall on your head.   

Make the necessary adjustments. 

Secure the swim cap on your head by making any needed adjustments. Again, tuck your ears and stray hairs in and reposition the cap accordingly. 

Now, you’re all set for your swim class. Happy swimming!

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