The 3-Step Real Estate Sales: How to Build a Lead Generation System that Sells Homes

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The real estate funnel is the system that guides guests through your website, turns them into leads, at that point helps you nurture them into legitimate prospects, and eventually brings about them becoming clients. 

Numerous ventures utilize online sales funnels to up their numbers. A typical sales funnel is the buying process customers are driven through when purchasing products or services online. 

The 3-Step Real Estate Sales: How to Build a Lead Generation System that Sells Homes

In real estate, it needs to look somewhat unique in relation to a customary sales funnel. Your funnel should be a progression of website pages and landing pages that customers navigate through as they move from being first-time or unqualified guests to your site, to qualified leads when they choose to either contact you or provide their contact information. 

But first, some groundwork… 

Before even getting to creating a real estate funnel, you need to establish a good online presence. Basically this means creating a website, getting on social media, benefiting as much as possible from advertisements, and ensuring your SEO is solid. This is the absolute minimum, so don’t be a good-for-nothing and jump on these basics ASAP. 

Once your website is ready for action, put some time in creating valuable content that can carry guests to your site. By creating top notch email and website content, you establish your authority in the real estate space, making you a reliable master according to your potential clients. In short, people buy houses from real estate operators they trust. 

Discussion about the things you know (this accept you know things), like neighborhoods you buy and sell in, guidance for first-time buyers, or critique on your nearby real estate showcase. 

In any case, is having a pleasant, beautiful website really going to sell a house? No, most likely not. 

Once you’ve laid such a foundation, you’re prepared to make an online real estate sales funnel that will work for you, generating valuable new leads that transform into clients who buy and sell your Abu Dhabi apartment. Our five-step process will help you build that funnel and get the commissions coming in. 

Step 1: Create a landing structure for every one of your properties 

First of all: you need an approach to transform guests into genuine leads- – transform eyeballs into handshakes. 

Make a different landing structure (landing page + contact structure) for every one of the properties that you have recorded, so people can rapidly and effectively request more information. To support your transformation rates, consider utilizing an instrument to make real estate recordings that tempt leads by giving them a closer look into the property. 

The custom structure and page builder lets you customize each part of the plan to coordinate your own image, embed photographs and recordings, and build a consistent experience that will help you catch more leads from your site or social profiles. 

The 3-Step Real Estate Sales: How to Build a Lead Generation System that Sells Homes

Step 2: Link or embed the landing structure on your website 

Once you have separate landing structures for the entirety of your properties, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin generating leads. 

While pictures and information about the property are incredible, you need an approach to get real leads into your funnel. (You’ve made significant progress, don’t spoil this now.) 

Looking at the funnel outlined above, there are a number of various ways that you can utilize structures to catch leads from guests to your website: 

  • Showing request 
  • General information request 
  • Newsletter membership 

Preferably, you should go for every one of the three. That is, except if you’re trying explicitly to mess yourself up and potentially lose out on ⅓ of the leads that you could be generating. (You aren’t, right?) 

Showing requests and general information requests are clear. It’s only a route for your prospects to connect with you in the event that they want to request a property showing or get familiar with the listing. 

Step 3: Don’t let leads escape — Remarket 

At the point when a lead doesn’t change over into a customer, that is OK — there’s still space for you to follow up and keep trying. 

For this situation, you should utilize social media and retargeting to drive those leads back to your site. 

The final step of this 5-step funnel keeps you in front of your prospects, even on the off chance that they don’t peruse your messages or return to your site. Facebook, in particular, has a really solid re-focusing on stage that will let you build custom audiences and give them precision-focused on promotions for new or existing leads. 

Want to show that new 3-room Victorian to the entirety of the folks who checked out the two comparative listings you had a month ago? Make a custom audience. 

Want to arrive at apartments in Abu Dhabi trackers with the hottest midtown lofts? Make a custom audience. 

The entirety of the moving parts here can appear to be overpowering. In any case, keep at the top of the priority list that this funnel is intended to be repeatable. Once you have things set up, you can utilize similar apparatuses, tech, and methodologies on each new listing and for each new lead. Which means you’ll turn into a genius, and it will get simpler and quicker in time. Obviously, it’s totally predicated on building the correct web presence and having the correct innovation set up.

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