The Benefits Of Before-And-After Care At A Montessori School

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The Montessori system is the fastest growing educational approach, with over 20,000 schools using it globally. The system was named after its founder, Dr. Maria Montessori, the first Italian woman to become a physician. She developed this teaching method after observing how children learned. 

This system’s key feature is that schools offer before and aftercare, which is essential in building children’s character, moral values, and self-confidence. Here is a list of benefits of those programs.

  1. What is before and aftercare?

Before and aftercare refers to childcare offered outside the care provided during school hours. It gives children a safe and calm environment that enhances their academic, emotional, physical, and social development. Research has shown that kids attending these Montessori programs exhibit higher executive functioning skills, for example, self-discipline, deep focus, critical reasoning, and problem-solving.

  1. Improves academics and performance

Most kids feel comfortable working on assignments in a less formal, low-pressure environment where they can still get help if they need to. When children enjoy taking part in an activity, they tend to do everything to continue engaging in it. Before and aftercare programs provide carefree environments that motivate them. A fun and creative approach improves the level of a child’s engagement in a subject they tend to dislike. With progress in extracurricular activities, they gain self-esteem and confidence, hence motivating them to be more active in class. This also helps them enjoy doing assignments and have increased concentration. This makes it easier for caregivers to track their academic progress and ensure they have good grades.

  1. Ensured Safety and Supervision

As per studies conducted by the American Institute for Research in Early Learning Needs, children or teens who don’t take part in before or aftercare programs are more likely to use drugs and engage in risky behavior when left unsupervised. Before and aftercare programs provide a safe place away from the vices in the world. For example, the Children’s House, Montessori school in Kuala Lumpur, ensures that children engage in character-building activities in a serene environment resulting in good grades and decreased behavioral problems. Besides, these programs not only help prevent risky behavior, but they also promote productivity. Devoid of such programs, children tend to spend most of their time playing computer games and on social media. These programs provide activities structured to keep them relaxed, productive, and have fun.

  1. Improving social skills

Getting kids in before and aftercare programs can help enhance their social skills, as they get exposed to different people and personalities. Through these programs, your child gets to interact and connect with familiar faces in a different environment. They also get to make new friends, and this kind of interaction enables them to be more open-minded and get opportunities to build new relationships. The kids also take part in group activities with their peers discovering new ways to play and learn. Through these interactions, they get to know their strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to manage their emotions. Montessori schools such as those in Kuala Lumpur have well-trained staff to promote cooperation, mutual respect, and offer support to these children.

  1. Encourages engagement in physical activities

For children, physical activities are an integral part of their growth and development. In this regard, Montessori before and aftercare programs have recess features such as playgrounds, indoor play gyms, and other sports activities that encourage play and healthy habits. There are many health benefits of your child engaging in physical activates, such as fighting obesity, heart diseases, type two diabetes, and even cancer. It also strengthens your child’s’ bones, muscles, and joints preventing conditions such as osteoporosis. These activities also help shy children to engage more socially, enhancing their social skills, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

  1. Gives children some time to relax

Some parents are skeptical about before and aftercare programs because they are worried that the extra activities will burden their child. However, besides taking part in learning activities, these programs offer children free time to pursue their interests and relax. A healthy mind is essential to boosting learning and focus, and relaxation plays a crucial part in that. Therefore, a child with a relaxed mind can think positively, improve how they relate with others, and boost their academic performance. These programs allow kids to burn off some steam after a tough day in school by providing a chill place to relax and unwind.

Before and after school care programs are a great way to ensure your children spends time in a safe environment, gets to finish their school homework, and also have some fun. Most parents taking their children to Montessori schools in Kuala Lumpur have noticed an improvement in their children’s academic performance and skills.

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