The Effects Of With And Without Crypto PR

The Effects Of With And Without Crypto PR
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Most crypto and blockchain startups often have difficulties dealing with PR. This is not new. This is not new. FT columnist Jemima Kelly recently unveiled all that a particular company must do to promote its token. The company was established in Ukraine. ASKfm decided to launch their crowd sales by placing 500,000 of their tokens at the summit of Mount Everest “for those who are brave enough to go to the mountains,” according to the company’s official statement.

No one was foolish enough to take that risk, thankfully, and in due time, but it appears that wasn’t the objective in the first place. The Ukrainian corporation deployed a team to the world’s highest peak to position a token cache, according to the inquiry. However, their public relations plans were not as good as the industry might say.

The team encountered bad weather when descending after positioning the tokens. The expedition became stranded at 7,000 meters, with no means of communication and no oxygen. The squad had to be rescued by local air rescue on the second day, but the worst was yet to come. One of their guides had vanished, and it was discovered later that day. Local officials later confirmed his death, turning a botched crypto scam into something far more mysterious than anyone could have imagined.

The actions that culminated in the death of a man did not appear to be enough to induce the Ukrainian company to run and hide beneath a rock. “ASKfm kicks off a new stunt —this time without killing a guide,” the company wrote to gain attention. However, ASKfm isn’t alone in its efforts to gain media attention.

It’s an unexpected consequence of the prohibition on crypto and blockchain advertisements, or the latter’s capacity to go beyond today’s advertising rules. However, to attract opportunities, capital, leads, and viewers, blockchain and crypto startups and ventures often do the unthinkable. This is supported by the following cringe-worthy ventures that the industry is now trying to forget.

Kim and Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman, a former NBA star, was once paid by Potcoin to travel to North Korea and serve as an unofficial observer during the dictator’s summit with Donald Trump.

Mao Has Returned!

An actor portraying Mao Zedong, China’s most admired and prominent communist leader, appeared at a blockchain conference in China. The usage of photos of former and current Chinese leaders in national broadcasts and advertising is illegal under Chinese law, which is why the incident provoked significant criticism on social media. Making people mad isn’t the most effective way to get them to use your goods.

You can see me now (and then you can’t)

Savedroid’s official website and social media accounts were recently deactivated, and their website was replaced with a South Park meme. What is the goal? To raise awareness about the risks and hazards of cryptocurrency scams. Investors were not amused in the least.

How to take action?

It’s simply a sample of PR for blockchain doing wrong, as examples mentioned above. Of course, the fact that both businesses suffer the most common difficulty that blockchain and crypto startups encounter when attempting to gain media attention is a major one. But more to it. But more to it.

All of this is about clarity and strategic thinking when it comes to doing worthwhile and scalable Blockchain PR. You can help with a renewed focus on a PR strategy. So how can crypto businesses still get good news in such uncertainty and reach new people?

Focus on the fundamentals

As a crypto startup, you must be able to share information about your venture with the rest of the planet. We understand. You want to make the front pages of major newspapers no matter what, just as all of your predecessors did; however, this is not a good strategy. To begin, you must understand what is driving all of the other organisations’ PR accomplishments, which requires going back to basics.

Despite the fact that crypto and blockchain firms confront unique challenges, many of today’s public relations and marketing best practises still apply: is your website interesting and user-friendly? Is your brand in line with the message you’re trying to get across? Are you able to communicate your mission and vision to people who aren’t in these industries? Have you determined who your target market is?

You must have a thorough understanding of your business, sector, and target market. The ideal crypto PR strategy will devote the majority of its efforts to establishing your voice and brand. You can also take the help of a Crypto PR Agency who does all the PR work for you.

Build Your Content

It’s difficult to be a new company in a relatively new industry, especially when the media is still grappling with the concept.

Write a white paper as one of the first things you can do to improve the content on your website. This should address all of the fundamentals, including prices, contracts, and legal difficulties, as well as provide the concrete framework for your abstract goal and vision—how you want to make your impact on the crypto business.

Avoid using jargon in the material and instead, aim to describe complicated processes straightforwardly. Clarity is crucial once again. You will retain integrity by appealing to both savvy and novice viewers in this manner.

Your content will undoubtedly aid you in reaching out to journalists, influencers, bloggers, and publications. Don’t forget that they’re all searching for experts who can speak authoritatively about cryptocurrencies

Media Relations

Contacting the media is the perfect way to support your ICO or crypto startup. Examine how other firms have gained awareness through thought leadership blogs, guest posts or articles, websites, press releases, and other methods. Getting the attention of the media is an art, which is why you must know exactly how to make your company and proposals beneficial and persuasive. To build the proper relations with the media, you can even hire the Fintech ad, who will do all the groundwork for you.

So, before you start emailing every major publication you come across telling them how great your startup is and why they should contact you, take a step back and review our Pitching To Journalists Toolkit, which will walk you through exactly what kind of email you need to send to get a busy journalist’s attention.

A Final Thought

Even with the digital ad prohibition in place, attending events, conferences, and networking activities can help your blockchain and crypto company gain exposure and media coverage. You’ll have exclusive access to those making headlines in the crypto community, as well as investors.

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