Things need to consider when selecting the most appropriate air conditioner for your household

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In this article, we shall shed some light on certain other factors that are equally important when considering the purchase of an air conditioning unit for your household.

The Orientation of your house

Your house’s direction orientation can further influence your decision to purchase. Depending on the position of your house, the air flow around it and the direction, the kind of air conditioning you purchase shall differ. For instance, a south-facing house will require less energy to cool down and will make do with a smaller air conditioner, as compared to a house facing up north.

Internal House Factors

We’ve previously read and understood certain external factors that affect the overall cooling of the house. However, it is important for you to understand that there are multiple internal factors that may affect the same as well.

For instance, if you’re interested in installing a ductless air conditioner in your house, in order to maintain the correct temperature all year round, it is important for you to pay attention to openings or gaps in and around the doors and windows that could cause certain parts of the house to remain warmer than the others, forcing you to the run the unit for a longer time.

Once you’ve considered all these factors and have decided to go ahead with the purchase, it is best to seek expert advice before taking the plunge. Look around for online reviews from real people who’ve already made purchases. Ask friends and family who already own an air conditioner about their build quality and the places where they made the purchase.

Buying an air conditioning unit for your house isn’t such a daunting task, as it may seem. However, following the steps above can ensure that you purchase the unit that you actually need, rather than buying something that isn’t what you were looking for, and quite possibly was overcharged.

 Best Tips to save money during air conditioning repairs Brampton

First & Foremost – a warm welcome to our website. This is our first post and over the next few posts, we will make it a point to discuss a variety of things to consider when having your air conditioning repaired. We will go over topics such as what to expect when getting your air conditioning repaired, how to take care of your air conditioner, how to save money during air conditioning repairs and what processes are involved. Stay tuned & participate.

For starters, we shall discuss a few points to be considered the next time you send your air conditioner for repairs.

  1. It’s important that your thermostat be calibrated in a proper manner in order to ensure accuracy in temperature control. This ensures that you save a lot of money on operating costs.
  2. Erroneous refrigerant charge is another issue. It damages your compressor, thereby damaging the air conditioner in whole. Erroneously charged air conditioners in turn draw a huge electricity bill, since the overall functioning of the system is affected and it needs to run longer. Ensure that the refrigerant charge is within the recommended value in order to retain a longer life for your air conditioner.
  3. You also need to make sure that your condenser coil (the outside unit) is clean, so that its ability to reject heat from your room doesn’t hamper.
  4. At the same time, the moist inner coil needs to be clean as well, since if dust particles cling to it, the air flow is restricted which in turn again cause the system to run longer.
  5. Blower wheels are yet another important part of air conditioning systems. If these get dirty, there is a strong chance that that your air conditioners capacity will be affected. There is also a possibility that dust particles might get released in the air which in turn might trigger allergies in some people.
  6. The air conditioner is a machine with lots of moving parts. There is a strong chance that these parts, if in need of lubrication, might cause increased electrical consumption. It is, hence, vital that you properly maintain these parts, lubricating them, as and when needed.

If you follow the above tips, you can reduce a considerable amount of repair bills over your air conditioners lifespan.

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