Things To Talk About With My Girlfriend – A List

things to talk about with my girlfriend
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Guys get very confused when they get into a new relationship; they don’t know what to talk about; that’s why we are here with an article on what should I talk about with my girlfriend.

Well, not only a new couple but when you are in a relationship for a long time, lots of guys get out of topics, they don’t have any new topic to talk about. Couples often face that problem, and they know how to solve it.

We know that good conversation can lead your relationship to the next level. So, it would help if you learned about some topics on what should I talk about with my girlfriend. It can make your relationship strong and improve your trust. No one likes to face that sudden awkward silence in the middle of a long conversation.

When you are in a relationship, you do not have that much time to meet each other. At that time, talking was the best way to know each other. You can talk about any topic; today’s technology gives us the freedom to speak as much as we can through social media apps. From long and deep conversations to small talks, you can do anything.

You can discuss anything anytime. And nowadays, everyone knows how to use those apps, so use them effectively.

The best way to get to know each other. From questions and answers, it depends on you which types of questions you ask your partner. So, if you are confused about what should I talk about with my girlfriend, then in this article, I’ll share some great topics so you can convey your feelings and thoughts to each other. Those questions help you to understand each other effortlessly. So, ask each other and enjoy your time.

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What should I talk about with my girlfriend?

If you want to know about those topics you should consider them while talking with your girlfriend. Then must check the small list of things to speak with a girlfriend, which is given below :

Talk about shared interests.

Talking about everyday things is the best way to start a conversation. For example, when you are in a relationship, it’s abuse that you both have something in common. Discuss it and then create more topics about that common thing.

Talk about future

Future related talks are inspiring because you both have no boundaries on your thinking. Both of you can think about anything and plan your future after mutual agreements. Females are more excited about that type of discussion.

Talk about her spiritual belief.

Spirituality is all about knowing yourself, so when you talk with your partner about spiritual things, you get more understanding of her mind and what she thinks about? And why she does certain things.

What she loves to do when she is free

On a full day, there is a time when everyone gets free time. Some people play games; some scroll their social media. You both can find a new way to pass those free times.

What is her favourite colour?

Every person is different. Every person has other preferences. Knowing your partner’s favourite colour helps you buy her favourite colour clothes as a gift. Some research says colour can tell your personality too.

Talk about her childhood.

Childhood stories are fascinating to discuss. It always takes you to your childhood. This topic allows you to know each other profoundly and brings you closer.

Talk about her family.

Family is life. Talking about family, knowing each member of your partner’s family member gives you insight into your partner’s character.

It also helps you in the future when you start planning a marriage.

Talk about her day

When you both work, you both get different experiences in your workplace. Talking about your days gives you peace of mind and comfort. After all, a relationship is all about sharing. Everyone loves when someone asks about their day, especially their partner.

Naughty talks

Some wise man says sex is like glue. It maintains happiness in relationships. Please don’t do it regularly, but it’s the most effective way to strengthen your relationship. Use it precisely; otherwise, it is not going to work.

What she is looking for in this relationship

When you come into a relationship, you have some expectations about your partner. And knowing what your partner is looking for in a relationship helps you improve that part.

Her biggest regret

Discussion about regret is difficult. But this is an essential type of discussion. It can help you to overcome your bad feelings. It’s like taking therapy from your loved one. So don’t hesitate to talk about regret.

Ask about her favourite food.

Suppose you both go somewhere to eat dinner, so knowing each other’s favourite food helps you save more time and Money. It also makes it easy for you to treat each other.

Where she wants to travel in future

A travelling partner is difficult to find. If you find one, make sure to plan before booking your trip. Discuss in detail both of your favourite locations.

Talk about which category of the movie she loves to watch

Some moves make you laugh, some force you to cry, and some can scare you. Entertainment is the best way to increase your bonding. It makes you get closer not only as a lover but as a friend too.

Make goals for the future.

Your future is in your hands. You both can think and plan your future. It doesn’t matter if you prepare for your personal goals or your relationship goals; you both are now each other’s motivators and cheerleaders. You can ask each other for their advice on your plans and make them perfect.

Talk about her school life.

When you grow and mature, you realize that school time is the best time. This topic cannot make you bored. You can share your school day stories with your partner. Only tell her funny stories.

Her biggest fear

I won’t know others’ fear, so you can prank them by using those fears. Please don’t take it too seriously. Know w

hat’s her favourite subject and why

When you talk about the school, you must talk about her favourite subject. For example, some people love moths, some like science and some like Language subjects. So it depends from person to person.

Which genre of music do you love?

Music can make your life good. For example, suppose she is angry with you. Music can make her mood good. So knowing music helps you to get rid of those situations.

Ask her about her Religious background.

Religion is a personal thing. However, a topic like this gives you a view of how your partner thinks on a serious matter. In addition, it shows your partner’s maturity level.

Did she have any tattoos?

Having tattoos is common nowadays. Some couples have each other’s names tattooed on different bodies. You also can do that. It’s on the team to make those tattoos.

What was her nickname when she was a kid

Parents usually give children nicknames. Sometimes those nicknames are funny and exciting. Talking about your partner’s nickname certainly makes her laugh.

Who is her role model

When you get older, you get inspired by others. We want to become like them. So you give her your opinion on her role model and can share your role model with her. It makes you both grow together.

Talk about your current relationship.

You must make her comfortable with you as a man. You can discuss with her is she happy with you? If yes, then fine. If she has any problem, you must solve the problem or thing that makes her uncomfortable.

Who is her favourite family member

Usually, a girl’s favourite family member is her father and their mother for boys. So it would be interesting to know her favourite members of the family for you.

Discuss what you both like about each other

When you are together for the first time, you both certainly notice something that impresses you. Everyone has some good and some bad habits. Talk about what is annoying you and fix it.

Did she have any secret talent?

That is an exciting topic to discuss. You can ask her about her secret, but don’t expect to get a correct answer, or maybe she will tell you. It depends on how you ask.

What is her favourite drink, tea or coffee?

I am a coffee person, so you should know whether she is comfortable with that or not as fast as possible if you both are tea people, then congratulations on finding the right one.

Ask about her superstitious belief.

Superstition comes from fear of something. You can free her from her worries. This topic helps you to show your masculine energy.

How long does she take to get ready?

This is a fact that ladies take too much time to get ready. But, unfortunately, you cannot do anything about that. So just knowing how much time she takes to get prepared, you can plan your time according to that.

What is her daily routine?

If she does a job or is unemployed, it determines her whole day. You can tell each other when you are free and busy. Knowing each different routine gives both of you time to work and talk to each other.

Ask about her favourite social media app.

Nowadays, social media is most important in our daily lives. You both can increase your followers and like each other’s photos. You can check each other’s old pictures on social media and post them too.

Ask about her beauty routine.

Girls know lots of things about beauty and facials. So I suggest you take some good advice from her on beauty. She can teach you lots of things about beauty and care.

Discuss your future together

Planning the future is the smart thing to do in a new relationship. The plan makes your future solid and steady. You can arrange your marriage, kids, and family and finance everything you want to achieve.

Daily gossip

Daily gossip is the most exciting thing to do. Whether you like it or not, it indeed gives you some pleasure. Every day you can find some gossip to discuss, and you can chat about it.

Tell her why you start dating her.

Think about her and tell her honestly which thing you like about her most. Don’t lie about giving compliments. Instead, tell her the truth about why you want her. It makes her happy.

Discuss your most happy moment

When you get the most happiness in your life, discuss this type of moment that gives those happy moments new life. It makes both of you laugh and can make your moment memorable.

Talk about her Fantasy

If you search for what I should talk about with my girlfriend, then Fantasy can be your favourite topic. Fantasy is different from person to person. It’s on you to discover more and other things in your relationship. Find new fantasies and discover more things.

Discuss your workplace

In the workplace, you have friends and meet new people daily. So you can tell your partner how your day goes. What you do and how many interesting people you meet. This type of discussion is suitable for passing your time.

What’s she thinks about life.

Suppose your partner is serious about life. This topic is going to be very long. Life is vast, and discussion on that becomes very big too. It depends on you how you handle it and make it enjoyable.

Ask about her most embarrassing moment.

Not every moment is good in our life; some are bad. Talking about a wrong moment didn’t make you look bad. It shows you how you support each other because you have to see lots of ups and downs in the future.

Ask about her passion.

Passion is also one of the best topics when you search for what I should talk about with your girlfriend. Passion is inside every human being. Some people like to draw. Others want to sing likewise. So passion is an excellent topic to discuss and for knowing each other.

Talk about fashion

Lots of girls have a good sense of fashion and dressing. So you can take advice from her on fashion. She certainly helps you to look good. So just start this topic and see how long it goes.

What does she think about marriage and kids?

As a male, I can say that usually, girls bring this topic to light. So, you don’t have to say a lot about it. Just wait for it. She will bring up this topic and then answer it accordingly.

Discuss her dreams

When we are teens, we think about lots of things. You can give those lost memories a new life. I’ll suggest you bring this topic when you are free.

Talk about her addiction.

Addiction is complicated to overcome. But, if you have any addiction, your partner can help you get over it. So it is good to talk and let her help with it, or if she has one, you can help her.

Her favourite car

Girls usually didn’t take an interest in cars. But it is better to ask her. Some girls take an interest in the colour of cars and design. So if you plan to buy a new car, you better ask her before purchasing the vehicle.

Ask her about her pets.

There are two types of people: one loves cats and the other loves dogs. You can discuss the animals she loves. You also can gift her that pet as your love.

When is her birthday?

Birthdays are special moments. It gives us reason to enjoy our life. Asking for a Birthday date helps you organize some great, long-lasting memories.

Talk about Money and finance.

Money is the essential thing in life. I am saying that statement because, without Money, you cannot survive in your daily life. So it’s better to understand each other thinking about Money.

Talk about date ideas.

You can discuss where you both want to go on a date in future. With her, you can plan both of your favourite dishes you like, location, and everything you have dreamed about in the past.

Talk about family problems.

We go into relationships not only for love but also for supporting each other and sharing each other’s problems not. This type of discussion is not going to solve that problem. But it can certainly give you some mental strength to fight it.


I hope this article helps you know each other more, and your relationship gets stronger time by time. In this article, we try to focus on what I should talk about with my girlfriend, which helps you make your relationship longer and stronger.

Sometimes when we talk to someone we love daily, we go out of words. So it’s OK to search for those topics and ideas to continue those sweet talks.

If you find more questions, you can go deep into your thoughts and ask yourself you find more questions and more topics related to your relationship. Don’t force your conversation to go longer. Sometimes small talks do the work which long talk cannot do. Make your girlfriend comfortable with you.

So, if you get complete information about what should I talk about with my girlfriend and this article will help you, then do not forget to share this article and, if possible, leave your valuable comment below.

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