Three Ways To Clean Your Windows Without A Squeegee

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Windows perform a vital role in the ambiance of our houses. A house cannot be without any window because they are like lungs providing oxygen to the interior [art. Sunlight brightens and disinfects the interior of the house by keeping it fresh and bright. An amazing view outside the window can be destroyed by the dirt on the glass. For a cleaner, clearer, and transparent view depends on windows cleaning. You have to put an effort into cleaning your windows without streaking. Usually, we use a squeegee for desired results but what if you have not a squeegee around, there are three best ways that you can adopt for best cleaning results.

  1. Newspaper + Water + Vinegar

Mostly we make mistakes by using soap in water to clean windows and it leaves stains and foggy layers on the glass. Even if you rinse it out with water, it may still not look flawless. Water and vinegar are the best solutions for streak-free cleaning of windows. Either you can use a spray bottle to add the solution and spray on the windows or it can be applied by using a piece of cloth or sponge. The spray will be better as it is an easier and quicker method. Then wiping it out with a newspaper will return its shine and transparency 100 percent. Newspaper soaks all the moisture and does not let it leave any dampness on the glass. Your windows will look cleaned by a professional by using this technique.

  1. Windex and paper towels

Another easy and excellent way for cleaning windows and glass doors is by using Windex and paper towels. Windex sprays are extensively in use across the world to get high-class window cleaning results. Professionals also use these things to clean the windows in offices and houses as well. Paper towels absorb all the liquid and completely dries the glass with all its shine back. Windex also gives an extra shine to glass surfaces.

  1. A cleaning wand

For a perfect ergonomically designed handling and use, we will recommend you to use a cleaning wand. It will be easier to use it for applying any liquid by doing it by yourself with a spray bottle or sponge. Just dip it into the solution and start rubbing on the windows. A cleaning wand can help clean high rise windows from outside. All you have to do is attach this wand with a long road or brush to reach the desired height and clean it smoothly.

Though, after knowing all these techniques that you can use both at home and offices for windows cleaning, we hope that you all will not feel shy or hesitant to do windows cleaning regularly to enjoy clear blue skies through the window of your house. If you are still feeling any difficulty and think that you are not able to clean the windows perfectly, a professional window cleaning service can also be looked for. Don’t hesitate to hire a pro if cleaning your own windows seems daunting.

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