Tips for Getting Your Online Business Noticed

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Congratulations, you have established your online business successfully. Now the real challenge starts – online visibility. Many of the businesses struggle while building visibility. While umpteen ecommerce stores are selling the same product or service like you, it is tough to beat them, especially when Google is following a strict policy to decide rank for a particular website. Many young entrepreneurs believe that you need to build a website and be consistent with uploading posts, and your website will show up to your users. This is a myth.

 Just because you have a functional website, it does not mean that it will automatically appear in search results. Despite creating offline content, businesses struggle to improve visibility. You must be optimising relevant keywords in your content to show up in search results when users type those keywords or key phrases in the search bar. However, keyword optimisation is not enough for improving visibility.

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According to the latest updates, Google is emphasising user intent. The ranking will be decided based on the type of content users want to read. It means you need to generate content that serves users’ goals and intentions for your website to get a higher rank. Here are some of the affordable tips to get noticed by your users.

Create original and sharable content

Even though you are selling a product or service, you need to create content to tell your users how it can benefit them. Google loves blogs as it allows you to share valuable information with your target audience to help them make a decision quickly. As long as you provide informative content to your users, Google will reward you by a high rank.

Neil Patel blogs are the best example to understand the context. His marketing blogs discuss the subject in detail, which is why Google gives those blogs a higher rank. To engage your users, you should create infographics and videos in your blogs. You can share them across all social media networking sites. Try to offer something unique and fresh to your users.

Though the ultimate goal is to boost revenues, do not sound like an advertisement. Make sure that people can like, comment and share the content you upload across all social media sites.

Lately, PR reach, a content marketing firm, has launched a new product called brand builder programme to improve online visibility. This programme exclusively aims to help ecommerce stores scale their content marketing effort. This programme can put content creation and distribution on auto-pilot mode for your business.

Ask your friends to spread the word

You may not have an inordinate amount of followers in the starting phase of your business, yet you can spread words about your business. Ask your friends to follow you on social networking sites and like, share, and comment on your post whenever you upload them.

You can also run reward referral programmes to encourage your users to share your posts in exchange for discounts, say 10% on the next purchase or free shipping.

Consult influencers

Driving traffic to your business is undoubtedly hard, regardless of the business stage. This is where you may need an influencer to promote your products and services. You can give them away from a sample so they could use it and write a review on it.

The review post will have a link to your product at the bottom of the page so people could click and land to your product page after reading about it. People trust influencers. Word of mouth is stronger and more compelling and powerful than your blog to help them whether they should invest in your product and service.

Use social listening tools

Social listening tools can help you know the mentions of your brand name or product in conversations across social networking sites. Monitor the tone that people used to discuss your brands and products.

Do not forget to analyse the mention of keywords as you can optimise them in your content. Social listening tools are an indirect approach to increase visibility.

Engage with your customers

You have uploaded posts on social media sites, and your job is done, no, not at all. You need to keep an eye on how people are reacting to those posts. Make sure that you are aware of the questions and comments your target audience place, and you immediately respond to them.

Yet, you need to be consistent with the brand image. You cannot make jokes. Understand the gravity of concern and be prompt to solve them. This will not only increase engagement with your users but also improve your ranking on search engines. Google considers your activities on social media sites while deciding a rank.

  • It can take some time to increase visibility if you have an online start-up;
  • You should hire an expert to maintain better visibility;
  • Experts can craft an impactful strategy to ensure that you are on the right track;
  • It requires a lot of money to get noticed by your users.

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In case you do not have a sufficient budget, fund it with first direct loans. These loans are more affordable than business loans because they have been exclusively designed for start-up companies.

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