Tips to Get Beautiful and Perfect Eyebrows Embroidery

Tips to Get Beautiful and Perfect Eyebrows Embroidery
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How to make your eyebrows look beautiful?

At all times, women have paid attention to their eyebrows. Like the eyes, they are the first thing the interlocutor pays attention to, so they should never be ignored. Eyebrows can form an impression about a person, help him express his emotions, demonstrating his attitude to a phenomenon or object.

Well-groomed eyebrows give a woman’s face a neat look, and it’s no surprise that in recent years women have begun to pay more attention to them. Today, there is even a separate profession – an eyebrow artist, whose duties include correcting the shape and color of clients’ eyebrows.


Fashion for eyebrows has always existed, and it was strikingly different at different times and in different countries. For example, in Singapore, eyebrows were completely removed (often with wax) and painted anew, giving them a bizarre shape, while such actions were permissible only for nobles and priests. It was believed that bright makeup and conspicuous eyebrow embroidery were able to protect against the evil eye and impure forces. Used for coloring powders from different minerals.

In Singapore and China, women rejoiced in their happiness if they were the owners of the so-called monobrow, while those who were not lucky sketched their noses. Oh, this fashion! The standards of beauty have been in every century – both the eyeless Mona Lisa and the ladies of the era of classicism, sticking eyebrows from animal skins on their foreheads – all were the first beauties of their time, and we must thank heaven that natural eyebrows have become fashionable and firmly strengthened.

Eyebrow shape: which one to choose?

In the modern world, there are few women who would be one hundred percent satisfied with their appearance, including the shape of their eyebrows given by nature. We modify it, sometimes making it worse. An improperly chosen shape can make a face old, give it a sad or angry expression, the shape of the eyebrow embroidery makes the facial features softer and more pleasant, respectively, the person becomes more attractive.

They select the correct shape of the eyebrows, starting from the shape of the face.

Arched eyebrows soften facial features, making them more rounded. The standard for this type of eyebrow can be considered the Hollywood actress. Now, however, few people decide on such a shape, because the natural fullness of the eyebrow is in fashion, and not thin threads. This form is popular with women from eastern countries. 

Curved and angled eyebrows give their wearer an expressive and slightly playful look. It can be a barely noticeable raised eyebrow, or radical “house edge”, which is not very popular now. The latter should be avoided by owners of a triangular face, pronounced cheekbones, and a massive chin, but on round and oval faces, such eyebrows look harmonious. Eyebrows that are too thin with a strong break give a surprisingly hard look, so you need to monitor the thickness and not overdo it with plucking.

Eyebrow shaping

Not every woman has beautiful, thick, perfectly shaped eyebrow embroidery, and we use different means to put them in order. In particular, tweezers are most often used to correct the shape. This is the most convenient, affordable, and unpretentious tool for correcting the shape. Unnecessary hair is grabbed by the tight edges of the tweezers and removed. At first, this procedure is a little painful, but soon the discomfort disappears.

This method is very effective, and since the hair is removed gradually and the master sees where and how much hair needs to be removed, the correction cannot end in an unsuccessful shape. Someone may consider the process of hair removal with tweezers long, but in skillful hands, the procedure takes a minute or so. Redness after plucking goes away quickly, and a professional eyebrow artist knows how to avoid broken hairs.

Eyebrow tinting with henna

It is well known that the ideal color of a blonde’s eyebrows should be two tones darker than her hair, a brunette’s eyebrows, on the contrary, should be two tones lighter, but the eyebrows of a red-haired beauty should be brown, and the depth of tone is determined by the saturation of the hair shade.

There are several types of henna, which, when mixed, give different shades, and thanks to this, you can achieve the most natural result.

Benefits of coloring eyebrows with henna

  • One of the most important advantages of this dye is its naturalness. Henna is the safest tool for dyeing eyebrows because allergic reactions and intolerance to components are extremely rare;
  • Eyebrow hair gets nourished and shine;
  • Henna does not have an unpleasant odor;
  • Henna has a wide range of colors, due to the mixture of different types;
  • Henna can be used by pregnant and lactating women;
  • Coloring is painless and does not cause discomfort.

Thus, after dyeing with henna, the eyebrow hair receives not only a beautiful rich color but also nutrition, shine, and density.

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