Tips to Improve Your Website’s Visual Appearance

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Did you know that your website design could affect your SERP ranking? All your online marketing efforts will go to waste if your website fails to rank well. At times, there are certain landing pages of a website that keep the whole website from ranking well. Recently, I visited the website of Spectrum, and I must say that from their Homepage to the open spectrum billing page, each one had amazing graphics and design.

If you are a digital marketer or a web developer, then you should also see for the following in your website:


If your website has responsive images and text, it will automatically improve the visibility of your site. Because a website with a good response rate also increases usability. However, businesses fail to understand that they have to make sure that their website is responsive to various devices. For example, many websites have an excellent responsive rate on desktops. But they fail to do the same when logged in through mobile.

A company that does not cater to mobile users in this age is most likely to suffer a great loss. Having said that, you should ensure that your website is equally responsive to all websites. At least try to do so.

Design and Color

Apart from the responsiveness, ensure that your website is visually appealing as well. The most essential element in making a website visually attractive is the color. Yes. You have to research a lot about what color theme would work the best. Chances are that you might even have to get a couple of samples made before you select one.

The color catches the eye of the visitor. It’s like an instant communication that the business has with its visitors. So, even before a visitor’s conscious mind starts thinking about what your website is like, his subconscious mind has already made a view. It is for this reason that companies spend immense time in deciding the color scheme of the website.

You may have also noticed that some colors have an association with a certain cause. For example, the green color is often associated with a healthy living and clean environment. You will have to go deep into the psychology of colors to learn more about this. Because every color arouses an emotion.

Pictures and Graphics

There was a time when companies had to hire expensive photographers to click pictures for their website. Now, people have smartphones with amazing cameras. And if not that, DSLRs are so common these days. And every other person is a photographer in himself at this age. I do not know whether this is a good or a bad thing. But companies have it to their advantage.

However, businesses should make sure that the photos or graphics that they upload are professional enough. Because the pictures that you put on the website are a source of communication with your visitors. They are also responsible for creating the first impression. Good or bad depends on the quality.

The key to uploading photos is that they should not look fake. Stock photos look fake. Avoid using them. You do not want the audience to think that you are not genuine. Originality is the message your followers should get from the photos.


I cannot stress enough on the importance of usability. Here are some general rules, the dos, and don’ts for making your website usable for everyone.

  • Communicate your purpose to the visitors IMMEDIATELY.
  • Include a ‘help desk’ feature besides contact details.
  • Feature a clear menu that has everything.
  • Enough information for the visitors to not have to ask anyone else for further details.
  • Easy to read layout.
  • A website that is easy to navigate through.

The key is to make your website look like all that the customer would love about it. It should feature things that interest you. When your website is customer-centric, it will become usable for them as well.


Consistency is the key to success. This holds true in the case of websites as well. An inconsistent layout would mean that you, as a company, are confused about yourself as well. Make sure that your website does not have ‘chaos’ written all over it. For that you will have to decide upon the following:

  • Primary importance
  • Secondary importance
  • Deeper detail

These are the three tiers of importance. You should come up with content under these tiers. This segmentation will also help you to decide the placement of the content.

For example, recently there was Spectrum TV Service outage in some areas. When I visited the website, the message was clearly stated there without me having to search for it. For them, conveying the message to their customers was of primary importance. Hence, they placed it at a place where everyone could see.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, you should also focus on the web fonts, social media sharing buttons, and the landing page experience.

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