7 Web Design Tips: Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rates

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The first thing that your website visitors notice is your website’s design. Having a good web design can make all the difference in boosting your conversion rates. Marketers often look after social media, SEO compatibility, generating lead magnets, getting backlinks, but in the process, they often overlook the web design concept.

By having a good website design, you can make more visitors trust in your brand. It sets a picture of credibility and motivates visitors to make a purchase. More people are likely to read a beautifully designed and highlighted text than anything direct. So, making your website look attractive is as essential as the content you are catering to your audience.

Further, having a bad web design can cost your customers; it makes people leave and look for other options. By employing the 7 web design tips listed in this article by our web design company expert, you can seamlessly boost your conversions.
1. Boost conversions by limiting decisions:

Many popular studies promote Hick’s Law that states people take more time to decide if they are offered more options. By limiting the options you give to your customers, they are more likely to make a quick decision and purchase your product or service.

A good example is to have a full-screen welcome gate that offers one call to action so that the user gets a choice upfront and can find more by scrolling down the page.

2. Use strategic whitespace:

Whitespace or negative spacing refers to the section that is empty on your web design. You can use a ton of whitespace to make your readers focus on your call to action button. It helps in increasing conversions as people are not confused to explore more. Remember that it doesn’t mean that you would not be able to give more options, and you can take advice from web design services online.

3. Follow Rule of Thirds:

Rule of Thirds refers to a famous photographic principle that requires you to divide the web page into thirds (vertically and horizontally). Now, the intersection points you see are the strategic locations that help create a powerful impact on the reader. The intersection at the bottom left is a widely popular call to action point preference for web designers.

4. Improve your page load time:

People are incredibly impatient when they surf on the web, and a single second delay can cost you, multiple potential customers. So, you need to check your page loading speed and troubleshoot issues. You can use free tools like Google Page Speed Insights to get an overview and ideas for improvement. You can get excellent eCommerce solutions to these problems and help your site rank higher on Google.

5. Keep it simple:

Simplicity is essential in giving an uninterrupted user experience. It helps turn your leads happy and convert them to customers. Having an extremely complex structure can make your users frustrated, and they might get frustrated. You can lose too many customers, or the existing customers might move on to a user-friendly alternative.

6. Use pleasant colour combinations:

Colors are often an underrated aspect of web design. Still, it plays an essential role in portraying the image of a brand and connecting the user to a familiar and user-friendly interface. Different colour combinations can help in symbolising cultures, emotions and reactions. Having relevant colours is the best eCommerce solution for web designs.

7. Use faces to make your website familiar to users:

People like to see faces, and it can help build a human connection that words can miss out. A picture with a face in the background of your text can make your visitor remember you. Further, if you are the face of your brand, it is much simpler to do. If not, you can still find pictures of people doing something relevant to your reader’s interests through stock images.


Web design is the most crucial factor that decides the fate of a website. It can make or break your connections with existing customer and help convert more customers. By following several tips listed above, you can encourage more traffic reaching out on your website to buy your products and services.

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