Top 5 Interactive Android Cleaner Apps to Increase Your Overall Smartphone Performance

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With the advancement in technology, Android phone cleaners are now more smart and improved. They possess in-built cleaning features that remove junk files and clear phone cache. However, deep cleaning is not limited to the inbuilt features that are offered. Effective cleaning requires removal of all the unused files, cache data, social media junk, app cache, thumbnails and much more.

Fortunately, there are few android cleaner apps on the PlayStore that offer a complete cleaning solution. Here is the list of the best android phone cleaner apps that you may install for free to clean and boost your smartphone. Take a look.

Top 5 Android Phone Cleaner Apps To Optimize Android Device Speed and Battery Life

Following are the best android phone cleaner apps that offer enhanced phone and battery performance for your Android device.

1. Advanced Phone Cleaner

Advanced Phone Cleaner is one of the best android phone cleaner and optimizer apps that are available on the Play Store. It is a powerful and intuitive tool that cleans your android device and boosts its speed and performance. By using this cleaner app, one may enhance their battery performance and restore the phone storage space that often gets cluttered by cache data, junk files, unused apps, bloatware, residue files, etc.

Notable Features

  • Quick and one tap cache and junk cleaning.
  • All in one app for boosting memory, speed and battery within seconds.
  • Game Booster offers smooth and enhanced gameplay.
  • Real-time antimalware to protect against all the potential cyber threats.
  • Powerful boosters such as Game Booster, Ram Cleaner, and Booster and Speed Booster.
  • Prevents overheating and force stop resources that cause excessive battery drainage.
  • Exclusive features such as App manager. The secure browser and File manager.
  • Allows deletion of blurred and similar photos in batch using Duplicate Cleaner.

2. CCleaner

Developed by Piriform, CCleaner is one of the most popular phone cleaner app for android devices. It offers effective and deep cleaning of the phone and optimizes the performance. With this app, you may easily and instantly clean the application cache, downloaded folders, browser history and clipboard content from your mobile device. The app also offers easy restoration of storage space with an amazing analyzer and streamline options.

Notable Features

  • Task Killer to quickly stop running tasks.
  • App Hibernation features to stop the running of background apps.
  • Android Optimization in a few clicks.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Storage Analyzer to analyze and optimize the storage space.
  • App Status feature allows you to know the overall impact of every app on the device.
  • Quick and powerful cleaning even with low RAM and CPU usage.

3. AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is one of the well designed and interactive android cleaner app for cache and junk cleaning. It offers cleaning options along with a file manager, memory booster, battery booster, and much more. The app also provides a Photo analyzer option to delete bad quality and duplicate photos from your phone gallery. Moreover, using the extensive features of AVG Cleaner, you may enhance battery life and improve phone efficiency. The cleaner app analyzes all the installed apps and restricts the apps that drain your phone battery excessively.  

Notable Features

  • Fast and smooth online file transfer without using Internet data.
  • Search and manage files with smart filters.
  • Auto reminders for cleaning junk and cache files.
  • Battery Saver option: Choose between “Low Battery”, “Home”, “Work” and “Car” profiles to reset battery usage options.
  • Extra layer of backup with Cloud Transfer Feature.
  • Identify and delete media files and documents larger than 5MB.
  • Instantly remove unimportant data, thumbnails, residue files, and unused APK files etc.

4. Avast Cleanup

Known for its powerful Antivirus mainly, Avast is also known for its highly effective android phone cleaner and booster. This app is a good cleaning solution that offers the removal of leftover files, unused apps, cache data and junk files. The best feature of the app is App Hibernation which suspends apps to extend battery life, improve device speed and clear memory space. The app also offers a good cleaning advisor that provides a detailed overview of all the phone data.

Notable Features

  • Phone Cleaner to scan and clean the largest files, media, apps and junk files.
  • Analyzes the storage space and removes all unnecessary data.
  • View all the information about your device on one screen.
  • Uninstall applications with one tap to free up space.
  • Smart and Safe cleaning feature to delete unwanted files, junk, app cache, residual files, APKs, installation files, thumbnails etc.
  • More space to move photos, videos, documents into Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.
  • Photo Optimizer that controls the size and quality of the photos using comparative analysis.

5. Norton Clean

Norton Clean is one of the best android phone cleaner apps that sweeps your memory cache, cleans residue files and removes all the clutter from your phone. This powerful app cleaner effectively optimizes the speed and battery life without affecting the device functioning. Its amazing APK files remover is able to remove all the obsolete APK files that are installed manually via Android Package Installer. The other valuable features of the phone are Cache Cleaner, Junk Remover, App Cleaner etc.

Notable Features

  • Residue File Remover to delete cache and residual files of all the apps.
  • Allows to  move apps from Internal Storage to SD card.
  • Receive recommendations for unused apps removal.
  • Removes Bloatware or pre-installed apps instantly.
  • Memory Optimizer to free up space and avail to necessary apps and resources.

So, optimize your android phone with these amazing phone cleaner apps and transform your phone completely into a new and improved one. Switch to a faster and better smartphone experience.

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