Top 5 Print Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales and Profit

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In this age of digital media and online platforms, print marketing is still going strong as it is an essential component of boosting sales and profits for your company. Print marketing can target new clients that you cannot target using digital media. Therefore, print media is still an incredible medium for marketing and brand promotion because physical marketing leads to a more robust emotional response as compared to digital.

79% of the consumers find physical mail and marketing materials more convenient as compared to reading emails. Similarly, print marketing is crucial for building trust among the customers as 56% of the customers find print marketing to be more trustworthy as compared to digital marketing. Therefore, it is essential to invest in print marketing to boost sales and grow your business. 

Top Print Marketing Materials to Boost Sales and Profits

Digital marketing is no doubt fantastic, but it has its limitations. That is, traditional print marketing is still at the top and widely used by companies. Print marketing comes in different mediums and forms. Here are the top 5 print marketing ideas that will help you increase ROI and sales of your business today.

1.    Brochures and Pamphlets

One way to beef up your marketing through print materials is by using classic brochures and pamphlets. Brochures are in the marketing industry for a long time now and are still greatly used because these print materials yield amazing results when it comes to ROI and overall sales. Brochures are especially more useful when designed in a crisp and clean manner.

When attending business events, you can hand out brochures to the attendees to promote your brand. But for maximum results and brand exposure, make sure to design brochures with amazing visuals and information that is easily digestible. Also, ensure that you are offering individuals something, like a discount code or promo. 

2.    Magazines and Catalogs

In the past, businesses typically had large catalogs like a phone book or a newspaper. These were often composed of cheap paper with thin pages and poor graphics. However, current catalogs are very different. Thanks to the low cost of printing, modern catalogs today are much smaller and more aesthetically appealing as they use high-quality paper and inks.

Catalogs and business magazines are often composed of think paper with a glossy sheen on it to protect the prints for a longer period of time. Catalogs are excellent when it comes to targeting customers as they really catch the eye. But make sure to consult Epson UAE professionals for different options to print catalogs, so they offer premium quality visuals and are resistant to dust, water, etc.

3.    Business Cards

When it comes to print marketing, you need to be consistent with all forms of print material. Instead of having traditional black and white rectangular business cards, jazz them up this year and opt for something unique and edgy. For example, instead of just adding your business name and contact information, you can add a QR code to impress your customers and make it easier for them to contact you.

Business cards are vital for person-to-person networking and marketing because these small pieces of paper are the first things that you distribute among individuals at various events. The study reveals that around 72% of the people judge a business by looking at their business cards. A key aspect of business card design is color. So, be very careful when choosing the color and design details for your business card.

4.    Postcards

Postcards are quite popular among the customers and audiences because it is formed with just one thick sheet of paper, which is easy to read and digest. Postcards are ideal for promotions and easy to create. You can create postcards for targeting specific trends or festivities like Christmas, Ramadan, New Year, etc. You can also use high-quality graphics on your postcards to promote an ongoing sale or a new collection.

When designing your postcard, make sure to use limited space available smartly. Go for bold letters and plenty of images in the background to enhance the visual appeal of the postcard. Also, make sure you are getting an excellent printing service for high-quality results and color saturation.

5.    Signage and Banners

Signage is an essential and most important component of your branding and marketing strategy. You don’t have to go with traditional neon signs that offer limited flexibility and creativity in terms of design. There are multiple options when it comes to printed signage –for example, window decals, indoor signage, directional signage on the floor, etc. All these options help illustrate your brand with its logo for more awareness.

When choosing your signage, go for something modern or edgy. Choose bold colors and high definition graphics that your customers will love to see. However, for a long term solution, consider consulting Epson UAE experts for a high-quality print through multifunction printing devices that will not get affected by high heat and direct sunlight. So, your customers get a fresh visual whenever they come to your store.

Deliver Impactful Messages Using Print

Whether its window decals or business cards, print materials are reliable in terms of marketing and business promotion. The print graphics and materials, as mentioned above, offer ultimate creativity and broad exposure. The print is a different dimension as compared to digital marketing and is an incredible marketing medium for businesses and brands. But remember that the key to excellent print marketing is graphics and designs. So, make sure to consult a professional in the print industry for quality designs and prints that your customers will love to see.  

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