Top on page SEO ranking factor 2022

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Important on-page SEO ranking factor to improve your position in SERP.


Your domain is essential since it is a ranking part but also because it generates confidence and reliability for the website’s users. Such domains as .com, .net and .edu is excellent.

Domain localization may determine to be a game-changer. For example, provides to Pakistan and is further explicit to users in that region and those with business links to the PK.


Consider organizing your content so that URLs are built reasonably and make it easy for people to read (when possible, readable words rather than long ID numbers). 

URLs should be comprehensive but short. By examining only the URL both users and search engines should have a great idea of what to assume the content on the website to be. 


Keywords are thought to be words or phrases that are involved anyhow on your website

Ask yourself: 

  • Is the keyword related to your website’s content? 
  • Will users see what they are watching for on the website when they search for applying these keywords?
  • Will they be satisfied with what they see? 

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you should found keywords or phrases that suit your website. 

SERP if someone queries “Restaurant Pakistan”. If this website is not given, it does not matter if it has high content since no one will notice it. To become better clarity you should possess your assigned keywords in the content a specific number of times. 

  •  In domain name (if possible) 
  • In the title of the page 
  • In the headlines 
  • In the content
  • In the meta-description 


A title tag is an HTML component that defines the title of the website. Title tags are presented on the SERP as the clickable heading for a given result and are therefore essential for usability, SEO, and social sharing.

The max length that will display in the SERP is 600 pixels or around 55-65 characters. Your title tag will be presented on the SERP and is a search visitor’s initial involvement with your website. Even if your website ranks well, a good title can be the determining part for whether or not someone clicks on the link.

Since the title-tag is a ranking part it is necessary to include your keyword or key phrase that you want to be ranked on. It is also a great idea to use the title to get your name or company name to allow branding. Also make sure that you have a different title on every sub page since it benefits search engines to recognize that your content is unique and important, and also drive higher CTR. For example, if you have several various product pages with a database of product names and categories, you could use that data to quickly create unique titles for each page like this:

[Brand Name] [Product Category] [Minor Product Category] [Name of Product]


Headlines come in six several tags: H1-H6 with H1 being the common important. By using a headline, the Google bot can see what the content is about. It is necessary to manage your keywords in the heading or you will lose the value headlines gives.


Content is king is a term that is popular in the world of SEO. Content is an important part when making a website to which a user will come back to in the future. If the website does not provide any benefit to the user, then there is no sense to the website and Google will rank it lower. This is because Google wants to help their user including quality content which either has some benefit to the user or give an answer to a question. If the users find the website helpful and unique, they may come back again or also link to the content on their websites, blog, or social media. In Google’s guideline, they have posted things you as a 

 the content author should think when creating good SEO helpful content:

  •  Useful and educational
  • More important and valuable than other websites
  •  Conceivable 
  •  Credible 
  • Engaging 


Images are essential for user experience. The crawler can not read images so that is when alt and title tags come into play. By writing great alt and title tags that contain the targeted keywords you can make some better SEO. By selling your images a representative name you will further boost the knowledge of the crawler. A good image name includes the keywords as well as a description of what the picture is. 

 Anchor text 

An anchor text is a clickable text that directs you to a web page. It is essential to understand the users what the link is about and wherever they will end up by clicking on it. Websites with the keyword written in the anchor text normally rank higher than those that do not.

Some other factors are :

  • Canonical
  • No follow
  • Sitemap in XML and HTML
  •  HTTPS 
  •  Mobile friendly
  • Page speed

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