Cat Shoes Pakistan Top 4 Tourist Attractions of Dubai

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I woke up, the early morning. It was a bright morning. I saw mesmerizing sunrise, from my room’s window. I was residing in Bur Dubai. It was time, to change, and explore the city, with my guide Jack. I took bath, with warm water. Today I wore, a T-shirt with blue and red stripes, a pair of jeans, and cat shoes pakistan.

I had planned out, my trip to Dubai, last week. So I just descended from the lift. Jack was waiting for me at the entrance lobby.

We walked to the car park, and then came to the famous Sheikh Zayed road. So I will describe the places, I visited:

Jumeriah Beach

“George, this is the seaside of Jumeriah. I was amazed, to see the beautiful sea. I just removed my shirt, jeans, and cat shoes pakistan from the changing room. Then I emerged in, the waves.

The seawater was cold. It was a windy day. I was wearing long shots. Jack was also with me in the water.

We enjoyed it, then I returned to take the car’s trunk, to take the wave surfer board, Jack and I skimmed through the hands, to reach the beginning of the wave. Then we stood up and surfed, on the wave.

We retreated, several times. Jack and I were all wet. But the cold wave of air made us happy.

We returned, to our changing rooms. Took shower, and wore back our clothes. Our cat shoes pakistan, was shinning in the hot sun.

Dubai Mall

Then we drove back to Sh. Zayed Road. We both were wearing cat shoes paksitan. I saw many tall buildings, along the way. We just parked our car, in a metro station. Then we bought tickets, for Dubai Mall.

It was a great experience, traveling at 100 km/hr. I was chatting, with men and women, who were either sitting next to me or standing. On each station, an announcement was made in Arabic and English.

Jack and I descended, at Dubai Mall station. We just entered. All the major brands were there. It was sunset, Jack and I had coffee at Starbucks. We saw the dancing fountains, in front of us.

Each time, a new song was played, that was changing the speed, and directions of the fountain.

Burj Khalifa

Then Jack told me, that we will see, the world’s, tallest tower “Burj Khalifa”.It is situated next to Dubai mall. We bought tickets. We just entered a fast-moving lift. My ears were just closed. I couldn’t believe it. In my mind, I was feeling as if, I was weightless in a  rocket.

I was able to see the whole of Dubai, from the windows of life. Finally, we reached the observation deck.

I took selfies, with Jack. It was a unique experience. We met, other tourists as well, Mr. Paul runs a business in  California US. Ms. Jenny lives in  London.

We descended, and I felt, that I was falling freely from the sky. I just grabbed Jack’s hand.” George just relax”. All the building’s top floors were, disappearing one by one. I felt in the magic show.


I couldn’t come out of it, and I didn’t realize that I felt the ground floor. I was still, feeling hanging in between the sky and earth.

I felt better when we started walking. We returned to the metro station. Jack and I bought the tickets for Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai.


Furthermore, many stations had passed. The metro just went underground. Suddenly all the skyscrapers disappeared and I could see anything, though the metro’s glasses.” Jack, Where are we?” George, we are just moved underground. “Oh, OK”. The metro just took climbed a steep slope upwards; I thought I am riding a roller coaster. My heart came to my throat.

We were able to see the sky touching buildings again. Then again we went underground. This time we stopped at our station. We just checked out. Jack and I took the escalator.

We finally reached bur Dubai. Jack took me, to the traditional boats. It is called “abra”, which means in Arabic, “to experience”. The basic idea was to connect Bur Dubai to Deira, and vice versa.

I came across many traditional markets. Some people were selling dry fruits. I even saw Iranian traders. We both bought tickets and hopped on the boats.

The seagulls were hunting for fish, they flew over our heads. The sea breeze was pleasant. We enjoyed the ride.

On the way back, Jack showed me some snacks shop, they are called “cafeteria”. We sat, on the chairs, and had traditional Indian snacks, with hot tea.


I was literally had pain, in my body. So we returned, to our car. We drove back to our hotel. I felt the buzz of the city. Dubai never sleeps. I even saw people chatting and enjoying their food at 3 in the morning.

I just reached my room, changed my clothes, and fell on the bed. The journey was very memorable. I slept well, on the comfortable bed.

The next day, I took shower and packed my bags. For the airport, I just a taxi. I think one week is less, to visit Dubai. This city became my bucket list for the next year.

The flight was good. I had food and slept again. It was a 14 hours journey back home in the sky.

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