Upcoming Expected Unlock Guidelines for Transporters

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Transporters in New Delhi provide an efficient transportation network to ensure smooth flow of supply chain of essential and non-essential goods along with medical equipment. It is crucial for truck transporters to implement measures and adhere to guidelines issued by authorities for safe transportation of goods. 

Transporters resume operations as per unlock guidelines 

Currently Covid-19 has put in a lot of challenges to all transporters in New Delhi. They need to operate efficiently to maintain seamless interstate movement to trucks to deliver essential goods and services for people. Unlock guidance details are issued after a long span of lockdown in an effort to contain the disastrous effects of Pandemic. The Centre’s new guidelines provide a roadmap for lifting of the lockdown. The central authorities have announced a detailed set of restrictions and relaxations in the national capital.  These guidelines will come into effect and have to be strictly followed. 

The borders of the capital city of Delhi have been sealed and only essential services and goods are to be transported amid the surge in Covid-19 positive cases.  Inter-district transportation between highly infected districts of Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Aurangabad from Delhi is prohibited viewing the spurt of cases of Corona. Only essential transportation activities will be allowed in the containment areas with strict checking conditions according to the state guidelines. Intra-state movement of local transportation and buses are permitted with the condition that the concept of safe distancing is followed with precautions such as wearing masks is properly followed

Transporters in New Delhi operate trucks with necessary precautions 

It is pertinent for all Delhi Transport  Services to take precautions for safe transportation of goods as lock down restrictions are removed. It is equally important for the transport companies to be proactive and shoulder the national responsibility of transporting goods safely , In addition they need to  ensure the safety of employees while transporting goods.  As authorities progressively charter out lockdown exit strategies, the transport companies are running their operations to ensure smooth running of the supply chain and are making efficient deliveries. Reliable transport companies in Delhi are plying their trucks on road with important paperwork such as COVID Negative certificate to ensure uninterrupted transportation so that business does not suffer any longer and economy of the country is back on wheels 

Transporters in New Delhi give priority to safety measures 

Keeping in view the guidelines given by the authorities the transporters In New Delhi are offering efficient trucking services to ensure goods and commodities can reach the destination without any delays. It is imperative that the transporters educate the drivers and helpers regarding usage of sanitizers and washing of hands. 

They need to make sure that the health of drivers and helpers is not jeopardized. It is important to give safety measures utmost importance to minimize risks of the spread of deadly viruses. In these unprecedented circumstances reliable Transporters in Delhi are operating trucking services against perilous and chaotic circumstances to maintain regular and prompt deliveries of essential goods and are working to hold the economy of the country. 

Safety Measure for Covid19 

  • Avoid gatherings such as haats,melas, gatherings in religious places, social functions etc.
  • Maintain a safe distance of at least one Metre between you and other people when in public places, especially if they are having symptoms such as cough, fever etc. to avoid direct droplet contact.
  • Avoid physical contact like handshakes, hand holding or hugs.
  • Avoid touching surfaces such as table tops, chairs, door handles etc.

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