Video Conferencing: A Powerful Engagement Solution from the Digital Space

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The pandemic has driven the digital space to what it is today. Pre pandemic days witnessed in-person engagements as their top priority. But with the pandemic in place, communications have changed their course. Today for a brand to successfully engage with its clients or peers, online video conferences are their first preference.

Web video conferencing has always been around the corner, but its attention grew twice more when everyone stayed indoors and had to find an efficient way to still engage. Seeing the situation around us today, we believe that video conference meetings will not fade anytime soon which is why you need to unleash the true potential it offers.

To help you understand the real meaning of video conferences, how video conferencing works, and what is the use of video conferencing, this blog will be your guide. 

What do you mean by Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing lets users connect with another user from any location. With the use of telecommunications, you can converse with your team without having to meet them in person. Video conferencing is growing popular because it helps to make engagements more efficient and saves up from the additional travel costs. Video conferencing can be conducted in multiple ways such as 1-1 meetings, team meetings, group meetings, and more.

Why should you Make Use of Web Video Conferencing?


Video conferencing is being treated as the top communication platform today because it converted in-person engagement towards the virtual space. Today you can conduct efficient engagements between clients or your team and this new mode of communication will not disrupt your work activities.

In fact, it will help you and your team to function just like how you would in pre-pandemic days.  So why should you make use of video conferencing in 2021? There are multiple reasons, for instance, it helps to retain the bond of human connection virtually, and it is a great platform to be informed about work statuses as well as increases productivity. Teams or individuals can easily collaborate and engage with their peers or clients from across the globe. All the travel costs that are saved can be used to enhance the business further.

Apart from the above, this communication platform helps to provide immediate assistance and better customer support as well.

Perks Video Conference Offered with the Sudden Switch in Demand

Switching to video conferences didn’t happen overnight. However, it was one of the highly considered tools when it came to individuals searching for meaningful engagements. As stated earlier, video conferences have always been there but depending on it for every engagement that took place since the pandemic. The switch has been accepted well and businesses are making use of this new change exceptionally well.

An Online Research Stated, 

  • Video conferencing improves communication for 99% of people.
  • Video meetings improve productivity by 50%.
  • 90% of people find it easier to get their point across when they are seen, video conferencing statistics confirm.
  • 51% predict video will be even or more critical than AI and other future forms.
  • 87% of remote employees say they feel more connected and involved with teams and projects when using video conferencing.
  • 66% of business executives say video conferencing helps them to better connect with freelance or gig workers.
  • The video conference market share is expected to grow to $50 billion by 2026.
  • 87% of team members say video calling has helped to speed up the decision-making process.


4 Key Elements to Remember when Conducting your Next Video Conferencing

Now that you have understood the impact and importance of video conferencing, it’s time to move ahead. In this section, we will cover 4 main aspects that you need to learn well in order to conduct efficient video conferencing actions.

  1. Find the Right Equipment

Video conferencing can take place on any device whether it is your laptop, smartphone, or your desktop. Ensure that you have the necessary hardware equipment that is suitable for you to conduct your video conferencing actions.

Apart from this also ensure you have the following, a high-resolution webcam, reliable video conferencing software, a mobile video conferencing app, and other related equipment.

  1. Check your Security Measures

The online world is filled with hackers and individuals waiting to intervene in the system. Now that everything has moved online, the chances of getting hacked or experiencing interference will be common. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that your security game is on point. When investing in video conferencing software, ensure they provide the finest and strongest security measure.

To name a few are end-to-end encryption, secure encryption and decryption, and more. A good security measure will help eliminate unauthorized users from interfering between your meetings or sharing content that is not appropriate.

  1. Provides Data Protection

Data protection must be provided for online users. For instance, if you stay in the EU, the video conferencing being used should comply with the GDPR rules and regulations. If it doesn’t this could be one of the common reasons why certain users don’t make use of the video conferencing tools available.

Certain video conferencing software’s provide great data protection for instance a few of them offer network access control wherein they secure and strengthen the network and security on devices to prevent any risk of unauthorized access.

In recent news, the European Court of Justice in 2020 made the privacy shield invalid which means that users need to find ways to adjust to this new rule. When choosing a video conferencing software ensures the servers and data processing’s location is in Europe.

  1. Provides Great Features

Video conferencing isn’t a one-time thing; there is a lot that goes in to make it effective in its delivery. Hence ensure that the below features are being provided:

  • A reliable audio and video connection
  • Let’s you screen share your content
  • Allows you to write down meeting details or ideas shared via a whiteboard
  • Provides a chat option to engage or solve queries
  • Let’s you record the meeting to cater to any references


You now have the complete information you need to understand the true functions of video conferencing. Share or save this blog so that you can always be reminded of the impact and uses of video conferencing in 2021.

While there are multiple video conferencing tools available in the market, every engagement needs to be unique whether it is conducted for business purposes or for personal use.

Hence integrating video conference API is the preferred choice. They help create the ideal video conferencing solution for you and offer dedicated features that work on enhancing your communication platform for the better.

Having said this, when do you plan to get started?

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