From YouTube to TikTok: Video Marketing Tips for New Influencers

Video Marketing Tips
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Have you ever watched a YouTuber, Instagram influencer, or TikTok star and thought “I could totally do that!”? Why not give it a try?

There are TikTok influencers that have tens of millions of followers, but it wasn’t easy for them to get there. It took a combination of marketing know-how and luck.

If you’re new to making videos and posting them on the web, but you’re determined to get famous online, we have a few video marketing tips that might help. Read on to learn more.

Create (and Maintain) a Consistent Schedule

One of the most important online video marketing tips that we can give you if you’re trying to gain a following is to create and maintain a consistent schedule. It doesn’t matter if you post every day, twice per day, or twice per week. It just matters that you’re consistent.

You want followers to know what to expect from you. If they really like your content, they’ll be looking at your profile during your normal posting times. If you’re too inconsistent, they might unfollow.

It’s helpful to have a physical schedule within eyesight so you can stay on track.

Pick a Niche

This is tough for many wannabe influencers or vloggers. No matter how many interests you may have, you’re going to be far more successful if you pick a niche. If you want to express your other interests, you can always set up a second (or third, or fourth) account later on.

Let’s say that you run a fashion page. If between all of your “outfit of the day” posts, you post a video of you playing tennis, your followers won’t be interested. That’s not why they’re there!

Stick to your niche and you’ll have an easier time gathering new followers.

Make the Videos Look Professional

When the idea of social media stars and YouTubers was still new, you didn’t need to have high-quality videos. Now, with so much competition, you need to make your videos look as professional as possible, even if you’re only working with a cell phone.

You can download video editing software free¬†online which should give you a good place to start. Practice with some mock-up videos before you try doing the “real thing.”

Look up tutorials from experienced influencers to see how they edit their videos.

Pay Attention to Trends

In 2022, trends are everything. From TikTok to Instagram reels, it seems like everyone is using the same video formats, right? That’s because those sounds and video formats get engagement.

See what the influencers are doing. Is there a specific thing that they’re doing with their camera? What about a special jumpcut?

Study these things and try doing them on your own. Your post will be more visible on the app and you may get some new followers, even if you didn’t do it exactly the right way.

Try These Video Marketing Tips

These video marketing tips can help you build a strong follower base as long as you stay consistent. Video marketing isn’t easy, but it’s the best way to gain online fame in 2022. It’s time to get started!

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