What Are the Common Types of Mexican Beer?

types of Mexican beer
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There’s just something about a cold Mexican beer that says summer to us. Mexican beer isn’t just for the south of America, you can find this style of beer all over, and they’re every bit as good wherever you are.

We’re going to take a look at some of the most common types of Mexican beer in this article.

Cheers to Traditional Mexican Lager

Raise your glasses to the most popular beer style in Mexico – the refreshing and crisp Mexican pale lagers. Light Mexican lagers are some of the most widely consumed beers in the world. These beers are mildly carbonated, often with floral or mildly sweet aromas and light malt flavors.

Brands like Corona and Modelo have become iconic representations of Mexican beer worldwide. Enjoy them ice-cold on a sunny day and experience a taste of Mexico’s warm hospitality.

In drinking beer, the two most common types of Mexican lagers include Vienna lagers and Munchkin Dunkels. Vienna lagers are medium-light and are characterized by a bready aroma, toasty flavors,  and a light, balanced bitterness. Munich Dunkels have a rich, malty sweetness balanced with complex flavors of roasted dark grains and a pleasant bitterness from a mix of noble hops.

Both varieties are perfect for beachside sipping or sharing with family and friends.

Exploring Craft Beer Culture in Mexico

As the craft beer revolution sweeps the globe, Mexico has embraced the trend with open arms. For centuries, locals have been perfecting the art of brewing beer, combining tradition with innovation to create delightful flavors that appeal to all taste buds. Whether it’s celebrating festivals or relaxing with friends, beer plays a significant role in Mexican social gatherings.

Craft breweries are popping up in every corner of the country, offering a tantalizing variety of brews that blend traditional brewing methods with innovative flavors. From amber ales to rich stouts, there’s something for everyone to savor. If you want to keep your Mexican beer chilled and enjoyable, you can check out and shop for koozies here, designed to keep your beer cool on any occasion.

Embracing the Culture of Beer Bottles

Ever wondered why Mexican beer bottles are distinctive? While the contents are heavenly, let’s not overlook the charm of the beer bottles themselves. Mexican breweries take pride in their unique and eye-catching designs, celebrating local art and traditions.

The artistry that adorns the labels adds an extra layer of excitement as we raise our glasses to Mexico’s vibrant culture. The iconic “caguama” bottle, often holding 32 ounces of golden goodness, has become a symbol of Mexican beer culture.

With its twist-off cap and stylish design. It’s perfect for sharing with friends during gatherings or relaxing by the beach. The shape of the bottle also helps keep your beer chilled, especially when used with a trusty koozie!

Types of Mexican Beer

It’s time to raise your glass now that you are familiar with the types of Mexican beer. Raise a glass to the mouthwatering cuisine and rich traditions of this nation, from classic pale lagers to cutting-edge craft brews.

Everything about the beer-drinking experience in Mexico is extraordinary. So gather your pals, sample a variety of beers, and go on your beer-tasting adventure.

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