What are the different types of Epoxy Resin tables are?

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Epoxy resin is a thermo set polymer that may be applied to a range of surface materials or combined with a variety of fillers. It is popular due to its versatility. To create a smooth, non-porous surface, epoxy resin can be poured and bonded to materials such as Formica, wood, concrete, metal, and so on. When combined with fillers and substrates, the already tough epoxy resin becomes tougher and can be textured or patterned.

The epoxy glue, once dried and set, becomes practically durable. Making it preferred as an option for offices, home, restaurants or hotels. Epoxy resin furniture manufacturers in India gives you best options of different types of tables used for different purposes.

Advantages of resin tables

Excellent performance:- The material is very durable and does not bend; its surface is not scared of mechanical harm and it does not create cracks or chips during operation. This upgrades your home style also give a royal look to your room or house.

Affordable cost:- Because the price of fundamental raw materials is significantly cheaper than that of other counterparts, it is feasible to minimize the cost of the finished product. The manufacturers give you a wide range of style and shape like as – round, rectangular or live edge and even can be customized according to your taste.

Moisture resistance:- this is one of the main advantage of a wooden surface table. This feature is more valuable for them who keep furniture in the kitchen where a humid environment is present.

Convenient care:- Most cleaning chemicals do not have a detrimental impact on the furniture, and its maintenance is simple and inexpensive. You just need to clean from plain cotton cloth with a given liquid solution.

Variety of design solutions:- This substance is used by wizards to produce true marvels. When combined with wood, it creates one-of-a-kind landscape compositions, water-space limitations, and other intriguing patterns.

Types of epoxy resin tables

Round resin table:- the main centerpiece of the dining room or suitable for bedroom. This can be customized in any shape and style accordingly. Round resin table gives your home a perfect rich and eye-catching look.

Live edge resin table:- refers to the design approach that integrates a slab of wood’s inherent, organic edge and character. In contrast to perfectly uniform, straight edges, live edge style appears to have sprung directly from the tree.

Marble theme resin table:- One of the most sophisticated house stylistic layout adornments is a marble theme resin table. Our table is made up of many layers of high-quality resin. Layers of resin and color (pigment) powder are applied to a hardwood foundation. The sheet is then heated using a heat gun and compacted into a single stiff sheet.

Resin table and bench combo:- This 3-Piece Folding Table and Bench Combo will be a hit with family and friends for a meal or game. This set is ideal for any application since it is constructed with a strong steel frame and heavy duty white resin that is resistant to water, stains, scratches, and impacts.

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