What are the top tips for local pizza shops to compete with chain stores?

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Sometimes, the small or local business owner gets worried about how they can handle the business. The competition is so strong that it creates doubt in the mind of individuals how they will stick in the industry. Like the demand for Pizza in cape may is extremely high and to meet the same, local pizza shops are opened around the city.

What are the top tips for local pizza shops to compete with chain stores?

First of all, don’t worry!

The local pizza shop owners are doing much well or it would be better to say that they are outperforming themselves. Here are some of the handy tips which you can follow to up flank your competitors in this area.


Tip 1: Quality should be your prime focus

With any business, quality cannot be compromised and the same goes with the food. You need to get the locally sourced ingredients which are like supporting the farmers & local distributors.

Moreover, the customers are now getting more informed on what they are eating or ordering. So, when you plan to open your pizza store you only & only need to include locally sourced ingredients. This way, when the customer comes to your place they will feel good with quality food.


Tip 2: Keep your food menu interesting and full of flavors

Your menu should be a rotating one that includes everyone’s favorite like supreme, pepperoni, Hawaiian, and much more. After that, you need to include what you are special at or anything which the customer will get only at your restaurant/Pizza store. Make sure that when you add something new you need to inform the customers about the same through social media, or mention that in front of the app page. This is what will make the folks come to your pizza store often.


Tip 3: Give the best dine-in experience

A lavish dine-in experience is like a bonus to make your pizza chain restaurant a success. Even if you only want to give the online delivery service, then make sure that you are good at it. The better your service and precisely you give them the same will make a difference.


Tip 4: Include happy hour

Well! This is only possible when you have a liquor license, otherwise, you need to skip the step. During happy hour, you need to give your customer amazing deals and offers on pizza & alcoholic beverages. Whatever you do, just make sure that you can make your customers’ time the best. The way they come with a happy face, they should leave with a happy face from your restaurant.


Tip 5: Update your customers about the changes you make

Pizza delivery is one of those areas where the business owner gets the most benefit. This is because they get to serve so many pizzas in one day. Initially, your focus should not be on the quantity. You need to focus on the quality and making sure that your customers get the best pizza meals from you every time. So, make sure that you update the customer that their pizza is on the way so that they know when it is arriving.


Tip 6: Online ordering system

Now! This will come in handy for you. Even the customers prefer this type of service over anything else. From the start, it is better that you include this service and you will be in a win-win situation as compared to the large pizza joints.

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