What Happens if You’re Dependent on Alcohol?

dependent on alcohol
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You may occasionally like to enjoy a few drinks with friends and unwind after a long day. But once you have a few drinks, you’re afraid you’ll always have to have a few more to feel normal. You’re worried that alcohol dependence has become a problem in your life, but you don’t know how to get a handle on it.

Alcohol dependence can be a serious and detrimental disorder. The good news is that it’s possible to overcome it with the help of a specialist.

Our guide will help you understand more about the dangers of being dependent on alcohol and what you can do about it.

Physical Health

Consuming too much alcohol can hurt your physical health. Heavy drinkers may experience an increase in their blood pressure and have a higher risk of developing heart disease.

Alcohol use disorder can also damage the liver, leading to an increased risk of cirrhosis. This can interfere with the liver’s ability to break down organically occurring toxins in the body. Increased consumption also impacts your immune system, leaving your body vulnerable to infection and disease.

Mental Health

When someone is experiencing alcoholism, their mental health can often be affected. The most common mental health issue that comes with alcohol dependency is depression and anxiety.

Alcohol is a depressant drug, and prolonged abuse can lead to an increase in depressive symptoms, such as a decrease in motivation and an increase in negative thoughts. Other mental health issues that can arise include an increased risk of substance abuse disorders, psychosis, mania, memory loss, and increased risk of suicide.


Alcohol abuse can hurt relationships in a lot of ways. It can change a person’s behavior, making them more aggressive, irrational, and hard to predict. These traits can push away friends and family, which can strain relationships and even cause them to break down.

When an alcoholic is in a relationship, they may become verbally and emotionally abusive or ignore the other person and grow emotionally distant. Even with therapy and counseling, it may be hard for people who have been drinking to get back into their old relationships and friendships because their trustworthiness has been damaged.

Work and Finances

When alcohol is more important than anything else, it’s hard for a person to focus and make decisions that make sense, which is important for any job. This, in turn, can lead to a drop in the quality of a person’s work and make it hard to finish tasks on time.

Alcoholism can have several bad effects on a person’s finances, including higher costs because of drinking and less money coming in because of fewer hours worked or more money spent on going to restaurants and bars.

If you or you know someone who wants to overcome addiction, seek treatment as soon as possible. Learn more on alcohol treatment here.

Know the Signs of Being Dependent on Alcohol

Being dependent on alcohol can cause serious health and legal problems and hinder a person’s ability to create meaningful relationships. Taking action now and seeking help is the best way to overcome alcoholism and become healthier in the long run.

It is important to get help right away to avoid more serious health issues and start the recovery process. Seek help from a professional. Remember; to ask for help, get the support you need, and reclaim your life!

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