What Is Google Ads? Why is it Important?

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Google is the go-to place for everyone whenever they need information on any topic. All the information in the world can be said to be present in Google itself. So, one might even think of all the profits that can come from marketing in this enormous platform.

Similarly, the marketing world itself has changed a lot in recent years. And Google is one of the platforms that has been a catalyst for change in the marketing world. Undeniably, it stands out as one of the most effective forms of paid advertisement available to marketers. Hence, it is being used by all businesses, big to small ones.

Maximizing brand awareness and the products and services is basically the jest of online marketing, while also continuously increasing the traffic to their sites. Similarly, Google ads will help to achieve all this for the advertisers. Similarly, Google AdWords is the platform through which we can run ads on Google. So make sure to have the business registered on Google AdWords and take full advantage of Google Ads.

Similarly, this is an effective marketing measure as it works on a pay-per-action basis. However, if you are not convinced about whether you should use Google Ads or not, well, here are some reasons that will definitely convince you that Google ads are exactly what your business needs.

Why Google Ads?

Just pay for results.

One of the biggest perks of Google ads is that the advertisers will only have to pay for the results that are generated from the marketing efforts. As already mentioned, mostly, Google ads run on a PPC scheme. So, we will only be paying only when then the audience or viewers will be taking some action in our ads. This means that we would not be wasting any money without getting the results. In addition, if we can run the ads properly, revenue will also start appearing along with results.

Highly Measurable

We won’t know how a campaign is going on if we cannot analyze its performance. Similarly, there won’t be many chances of improving if we won’t know the performance metrics and stats. It is a well-known fact that digital marketing is a much more measurable form of marketing than old traditional advertising ways. Google advertisement is also a form of online advertising.

Above all, with the amount of investment and advancements that Google has made over the years, we can also say that no other platform measures data as accurately and meticulously than Google. We can scrutinize the performances and different aspects of our ads to the smallest details. After that, we make the necessary changes to improve its performance and results.


Google’s marketing campaigns can be customized in any way we want. This increases the flexibility, and we can focus on any specific target audiences we want. Almost each and everything about our ad’s audience can be filtered. From their viewing devices, location, language, time, interests, and all other demographics can be set within the ads itself.

Similarly, the unique advantage is that we can show the ads to people according to the keywords they search from. In addition, we can also use additional features like negative keywords to exclude our ads from being shown to people searching for those keywords. Therefore, we will be able to show our ads to the most relevant people using Google Ads.

Google is where everyone is!

Basically, if a person uses the internet, they will use Google. Therefore, there might not be a platform that is more used than Google. In addition, this platform has become a people’s lives, and everybody uses it in some capacity. Similarly, stats and numbers don’t lie, and Google has over 1.5 Billion users and amasses 40000 searches per second. Therefore, marketing in Google is not something that one can miss out on, and it can simply be seen as a gold mine for leads and prospects.

Faster and Easier Results

Everyone wants everything to be fast and speedy today. People have no time, so dwell long to get anything. It is the same with marketing. After they have invested in a marketing campaign, they want results to start appearing instantly or as quickly as possible. In most cases, this is not possible. But with Google ads, this is possible.

If done in a systematic way, the results will start appearing in minutes and hours of the campaign’s start and can change one’s fortune overnight. Similarly, everyone wants their websites to get to the first pages of Google. While approaches like SEO take months, Google Ads make it possible instantly. Thus our website traffic will also be boosted hugely through Google ads.

Enhances Visibility and facilitates Re-marketing We can definitely make our brand seen to others through Google ads. Similarly, re-targeting people who have already shown interest is also made easier by Google ads. In addition, there are two categories of Google ads themselves. They are search ads and display ads. While search ads are effective in increasing awareness and visibility, display ads are great for re-marketing to the warm audience.

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