What is hosting and how to choose the correct service?

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Often when browsing our favorite pages we don’t think about what lies behind them and where they are hosted. Most of us do not know what shared web hosting or other types of web hosting are when we do not have the knowledge for that.


Answer – Web hosting seems pretty short clear, but to know how it works you need to dig a little deeper.


First of all, 


What is hosting and who provides hosting services?


Web hosting is a service that allows organizations, businesses, and individuals to host their desired website or webpage on the Internet. A web hosting provider is usually a company that develops and provides the technology and services needed to make a page or online store visible online. Websites are hosted and stored on special computers, otherwise known as servers. To make it easier to understand, we’ll give you a few examples.


How does my site appear in another user’s browser?


When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is enter your website address or domain into a browser, then the user’s computer will connect to your server and your website will be displayed directly to the user through the browser.


Where can I get a domain?


First of all, you will need to come up with a name (domain) that you want to register. For instance, To this day, more than 158,000 domains with the suffix “lt” are registered. The number is large, so it is possible that your desired name will already be busy – come up with some alternatives.


If you have found a free “.lt” domain, don’t wait, register it as soon as possible until no one else has done it! You can register a domain on various different platforms and other pages that provide this service.


Most web hosting companies require you to own your domain in order to start working with them, but if you don’t have a domain, the hosting companies will help you buy it.


If you decide to build and maintain your website, you can get a custom domain, email address, linking web hosting to one account, but if you are a beginner, it is better to choose a professional service for a start.


Types of hosting services


There are different types of web hosting services that could be customized for your website. Before ordering hosting services, you need to understand what services are needed for your website, what type of server would be most suitable for your business. It is also important to calculate a budget that you can allocate and choose the hosting company that provides you with the services you need.


The available types of hosting services are:


  • Website development type
  • Shared hosting type
  • Personal hosting type
  • Personal server type


Website development platform


The type of website development is unique in that it is designed for beginners who want to create a website but lack the technical skills and knowledge. This type of service usually gives them a web browser interface that helps them to create and manage a website without any additional settings.


Shared hosting type


This type differs from others in that you share a server with other users. This includes sharing the server itself and all software. A plus of this type is the lower fee for hosting services, because in this case the total amount is shared by several users, but there are often cases when the management of the system slows down when there are several users.


Personal hosting type


With this type of hosting, the entire web server belongs to you. This allows you to perform various operations faster because you own all the server resources that you do not need to share with other website owners. However, it also means that you alone will be responsible for all costs of running the server. This is a good choice for sites that require a lot of system resources or require a higher level of security.


Personal server type


If you decide to use this type, you will need to purchase your own server. The advantage of this type is that you have complete control over the server and can install all the applications you need.


What is ASP Web Hosting?


ASP web hosting is a company that provides ASP or otherwise Active Server Page services.


What is ASP?


ASP, or active server pages, are HTML pages with ASP scripts installed. ASP scripts are processed on the server before the page reaches the user’s browser. ASP allows you to create dynamic database-driven pages. The advantage of this hosting is easy and convenient access to data. The visitor can easily access the required data in the database using eg Active X or Java components.


How does ASP work?


First of all, when you type a URL in the address field of a browser, you receive a file sent from a web server to your computer. If the file is standard HTML, it will look exactly the same in a web browser as it does on a web server. However, if the ASP file was sent to your computer from the server then it will run first


HTML code and only followed by its ASP code. ASP code can be – current time, date or other such information.


How to find ASP web hosting?


First, you will need to find a hosting company that will host your website on a Windows server. On this server, ASP storage is efficient in that most ASP components only run on a Windows server. Also, it is very important to consider whether your site will use databases such as SQL and Access. These databases require specific settings.


Which server is better to choose – Linux or Windows?


In fact, these two platforms are functionally almost identical. The key is to know exactly what your needs are and what you want to host on the server.

The two platforms differ in cost, convenience, and versatility, but the Windows choice is a bit more expensive.


Linux – Provides the ability to run scraps written in PHP, Perl, Python, and other Unix languages. It typically supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.


Windows – Provides the ability to run and use ASP scripts, as well as NET and other Microsoft technologies. It supports Microsoft SQL Server and Access databases.


If your site does not require any additional scripting settings, you should choose a Linux server as it is simply more economical. However, if your site requires scripting and database support, you should choose a platform that has all the necessary technologies installed.


In conclusion


If you are a novice in this field we highly recommend finding a professional that will arrange most of the work for you, otherwise, feel free to get in touch with Hostens.com for hosting services.

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