What is the fee for international students in Singapore?

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Singapore has a reputation for providing excellent education and maintaining high standards of teaching and learning. As a result, it has become one of the most favored study destinations for international students worldwide. Studying in international schools based in Singapore, such as the international school, is much cheaper than popular overseas study destinations, including the UK and the USA. Often, the tuition fee depends on the school you choose for your child. In this case, public schools in Singapore do not charge a fee, and hence, schools providing international education are expensive by comparison. 

However, if you plan to take your kids to an American or Indian International School, here is a detailed guide to how much you will be expected to pay as tuition fee. 

How much do International Schools in Singapore Charge?

For most expatriate families, the tuition fee is the determining factor in their choice of an international school. Singapore school fees for international students can range between $10,000 to $50,00 yearly. This annual fee may not reflect the full cost of getting your child to an international school, as many of them charge additional enrollment fees for the first year, and the yearly cost of study often increases per academic year. If budget is the determining variable in your case, consider the overall costs per year and ask for a full breakdown of expected charges from the school of your choice.

Additional charges to watch out for

These are the additional charges that will add to your overall international school fees:

  • Application Fee: Most schools charge an application fee to ensure that all applicants are serious, and you are like to attend if admitted. 
  • Enrollment fee: After being admitted to the school, you will also be required to confirm your placement by paying an enrollment fee. Other schools charge for re-enrollment fee every year, adding some bucks into your school fees cheque. 
  • Transport/Bus fee: This will depend on how your child will be commuting to school and back home. You can avoid the transportation fee by choosing a school close to your home where kids can walk to school and back home. 

Other charges will include uniform fees, development, technology, activity, student welfare, and examination fees. Compare different international school’s additional costs and choose the one that fits your budget.

Factors affecting the amount of tuition fee in international schools

  • School Curriculum

All national schools in Singapore use the Singaporean Curriculum approach to education. The national curriculum is mostly funded by the government and caters to everything, including the cost of study materials and teachers’ wages. This makes public schools affordable. However, the quality of education is high – that is why many ex-pats also look to enroll their children here. But, the seats are reserved for residents, followed by PRs and international students, in that order. 

 However, British, American, and Indian international schools follow a different system based on other curriculums such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) system, among others. This global education approach is efficient and uses a rigorous method to provide high-quality education to students. To boast globalization and diversity, international schools hire teaching staff from all corners of the world, which can be expensive. All these increase the international schools’ tuition fees, explaining why they are costly.

  • Scholarships

Who doesn’t want to get their tuition fees paid for? Especially with the cost of education rising in many international schools in Singapore. Scholarships are a way to get around these fees and still enjoy all the benefits of taking your kids to a world-class international school. Scholarships can range from any percentage to 100%, meaning that you will pay a particular amount or none at all.

Before giving up on international schools due to high costs, first, check if your kid can meet all the school prerequisites for potential scholars and pass the selection process. Try your luck and apply as you can save on your tuition fees that can significantly impact your family’s finances. 

  • School hours 

Don’t expect to pay the same amount of tuition fee for your kindergarten child who studies during morning hours and goes home in the afternoon, and a high school border child. The level of your kid’s education will affect the school fees. A boarding school will provide accommodation, meals, academic support to students throughout the semester, all funded from your pocket. On the other hand, a day scholar will come home after classes and spend the weekends at home. 

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