What Is The Healthiest Candle To Burn?

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What Is The Healthiest Candle To Burn?

In ancient times before 1989, the candles were used fundamentally for electricity purposes during night times in the form of lanterns. Gradually, the invention of electricity took over the world and left the candles to be used just for decorative purposes in a family gathering and religious rituals adding the fragrance to harmonize nature and peace in your assemblies and ceremonies.

Like many other industries to boost the economy, there has been a candle-making industry as well. It is with diversified portfolios of products, such as the making of candles and how a fragrance gets produced. This diversification led people to wonder which candle is the healthiest to burn. It is because the fragrance and smoke from it get absorbed by the body. As a result, it forms many side effects affecting the overall health of the person.

As per recent research, there are many candles, for example, marble candles, that are healthiest to be burnt at homes. But the question that comes into mind is what makes that particular marble candle healthier.

What Type of Candle Can be Used for Burning?

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The candle used for burning should release a smaller number of toxins and pollutants in the environment. As previously, when there was less research on it, and people needed to earn more for their living, they used paraffin to make candles, which is the by-product of the distilled crude petroleum. The delinquent is that the paraffin leads to air pollution, the leading cause for today’s climatic changes. Moreover, wicks were used in many candles that were made of theoretically toxic metals and given a chemical fragrance like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acetone, and naphthalene, all of which, if consumed by the human body, could lead to many non-communicable diseases, such as cancers or asthmas.

3 Main Healthiest Candles to Burn

There are mainly three things to look for for a healthy candle to burn. These are as follows:

  • Wax

Beeswax and soy candles are free of synthetic fragrance and are best for usage;

  • Wick

The wick used should be of cotton and cellulose core;

  • Scent

 The scent must contain essential oils made from vegetables and plants instead of animal fat and chemicals.

The above materials are preferred as in rituals and gatherings. The candles are burnt for a longer time, with the fact of humans becoming busy in their gossip and forgetting about their environment. Thus, if the metal wick is used, it releases the toxin chemical known as the lead. It is very harmful to people causing tumors, eye and skin diseases. The cotton wick is purer, thus being less harmful to the environment and people.

In addition, the use of paraffin is a vital source of inhouse pollution, whereas beeswax can neutralize pollutants in the air. It helps people to become comfortable with its tranquillity and pure lighting features.

Soy candles are another alternative for healthy candles as it uses oil extracted naturally from soybeans. Its main characteristics are that it increases the melting point and makes the candles harder. The condition for its usage is that it should be 100% pure and must not be mixed with paraffin or any other chemical other than beeswax.

Final Words   

There are many more things to be considered while choosing candles for your festivities and occasions. In short, you must take precautions to prevent unexpected fires as well as consuming any harmful substances. Never leave burning candles unattended while keeping the wick trimmed for a lower flame. Encourage the use of sturdy candle holders, keeping them clear of combustible materials. Lastly, use vegetable and plant oils scent in candles to create a peaceful and soothing environment, thus relaxing the persons’ mood.    

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