What Is the Military Diet, and Can It Help You Lose Weight?

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Adolescent girls more at risk of obesity than boys

Teenage girls are more likely to improve heart disease and high blood pressure than their male counterparts due to being overweight and obese.

University of California research shows overweight teenage girls nine times more likely to develop high blood pressure than healthy adolescent girls, adding that the corresponding risk is reduced by 60 % for obese boys.

Based on a study of over 1,700 teenage boys and girls, the study authors decided that without proper obesity treatment, overweight girls have much more heart difficulties than boys. Or kidneys in the future.

The risk of stroke is also much higher in overweight girls than boys, specialists say.

According to the Daily Mail, being overweight can counteract estrogen, a hormone that generally protects women from heart attacks.

Study author Professor Rudy Ortiz strongly encourages overweight young girls to consider weight-loss treatment to avoid all these deadly risks when they reach adulthood.

A risk factor for obesity like high blood pressure has no visible manifestation; expert’s worry that young people may not be aware of having such a condition.

Obesity treatment can lower the risk of developing high blood pressure later, so young people should pay more attention to their lifestyle.

More recent research from the University of Adelaide confers similar decisions that men who are overweight or obese have an occurrence rate for erectile dysfunction, but that this ED can frequently be treated through improvements in physical activity and a reduction in body weight. Aurogra is the best Therapy to treat erectile dysfunction

Consume fiber against obesity

In an independent interview with The Windsor Star, famous physician W. Gifford-Jones of Toronto reminds obese and overweight people of the importance of high fiber diets in fighting obesity.

The doctor said you don’t lose weight by using foolish fad diets or drinking coke, adding that most people looking for effective obesity treatment are unaware of the importance of fibers.

Nutrition High in fiber has a unique quality, according to Gifford-Jones, in that they provide a “filling” impact on the stomach, thus repelling the urges to eat.

This is why very few people ask for a second apple after eating the first one, he observes, explaining that apples are high in fiber and can be used as an aid in the treatment of obesity.

Referring to a new diet and health survey, adequate daily consumption of fiber (35 g for an adult) could help people save themselves from many problems—health, including cardiovascular problems, respiratory diseases, and frequent infections.

The British National Health System (NHS) has always insisted on reducing these risks to counter weight gain.

You can determine whether you are getting enough fiber in your diet or not, the experts said. All you have to do is check that your stools are soft and loose. If not, you are most likely lacking in fiber and should increase your whole meal bread, brown rice, beans, peas, and dried fruit.

The Windsor Star indicates that a high fiber diet can lower harmful cholesterol levels “by increasing cholesterol excretion in the bile.” And it’s already a well-established fact that bad cholesterol is a big enemy to fight with the help of obesity treatment.

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