What to Look For in a WordPress Advisor

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With such a wide range of products and platforms in the online world today, there has been an influx of consultants in just about any field you can think of. One of these popular platforms is WordPress – a simple solution for website or blog creation. However, WordPress can be just as complex as other systems out there. If you’re struggling to work your way around the front-end, back-end, or both, then perhaps it’s time to hire a WordPress advisor.

A corporate business consultant can really help your business if you’re looking to add value, bring in innovative ideas, and most importantly, get expert advice and knowledge. Whatever niche or area your business is in, you’ll be able to find a corporate business consultant that specializes in your field. Their expertise can save you time and effort of finding innovative ways to increase revenue and maintain resources. When hiring a good consultant, their specific expertise should directly relate to your business in order for you to reap the most benefits from their services.

If you’re a business owner and are looking to hire a WordPress advisor, you might be wondering, “What sort of qualities should I look for in WordPress advisor?” or “How do I ensure I hire a reputable advisor?”

Just like any other consultant or advisor, they should be:


A corporate business consultant should be able to maintain a good client-consultant relationship where communication is professional and not hierarchical.


As they are managing and analyzing aspects of your business, they should have a solid plan that clearly outlines their goals for your business. It’s important that they are organized when it comes to outlining their goals in order to meet outcomes.

Collaborative/A team player

A consultant’s primary goal should be to collaborate with your business in order to help you solve important issues and identify creative solutions.

An expert

They should have both deep knowledge and years of experience in the field – in this case, you want to find an advisor with extensive knowledge of the WordPress world. Not only should they have a history with the subject, but they must also be proactive in continuing to learn and evolve. It helps to take a look at their background, specific experience, past client reviews, and perhaps opt for a trial period with them to see if they meet the requirements you’re looking for.

As WordPress is a nuanced platform with plenty of components, many advisors are Jacks-of-all-trades. They will likely be experienced when it comes to:

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Some advisors might specialize in social media and be able to generate strategies in order to bring in leads and traffic from popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Web Performance

Your business’ overall web performance is crucial. Advisors can help you optimize your site for security and access speed, as well as evaluating your actual data and suggesting improvements.


Being the most important measure of performance, SEO expertise can be your ticket to success. With good SEO, your business can appear on the first page of Google, making it visible for more potential customers.

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