Which is a Good School In Noida for the children?

Which is a Good School In Noida for the children?
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Choosing the Good School In Noida for kids in arguably becomes the most important and strenuous decision for the majority of the parents. It is utterly crucial to find the right school, but how do we decide which school is best for our kids? Parents want the best for their children- the brightest future possible. Each child has a different personality with differing interests and needs, therefore, finding the right school that is the right fit for your child is very important.

Education has evolved so much over the years. Parents today have a vast multitude of options to choose from like public school, private school, homeschooling, etc. Contemporary schools are ones where children experiment, actively participate, learn, question their world, etc. Apart from knowledge, a holistic environment is best for the overall development of a child. Along with academic excellence, it is important to encourage creativity, participation in extracurricular activities, olympiads, and sports. Education with a holistic perspective helps in the development of intellectual, physical, social, emotional, artistic, creative, and spiritual potential.

Shift towards Internationalism

Top schools in Noida are now affiliated with the International board curriculum. International schools provide an education that develops the knowledge, skills, and motivation that students need to be successful at university and beyond.

It is estimated that children entering school now will eventually end up working in careers that are unheard of today. In this scenario, crucial skills for employment and employability will be critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration and leadership, agility, and adaptability. These are the areas International programs focus on and develop.

It is important to know that not all schools in Noida implement international programs well. When choosing for your child, it is utterly important to understand the ethos of the school to be able to gauge how well it will perform on international programs.

I would personally recommend Global Indian International School (GIIS), which is a good school in Noida. It has been ranked first by the Times School Survey, in the innovator’s category.

GIIS is one of the best co-educational schools in Delhi NCR with a holistic approach to education where technology, innovation, diversification, and creativity propels learning.

It is known to follow high standards of teaching methodologies, including skill-based co-curricular and extra-curricular activities along with academics, thereby nurturing an experimental, innovative and joyous environment.

Also, their small and well-qualified team of dedicated staff is supported by extensive resources and facilities. The school takes pride in building your child’s confidence; helping them to reach their full potential; instilling self-discipline in them and guiding them on the path to adulthood.

The students here have the advantage to choose from a varied well-formulated curriculum, which is internationally recognized. GIIS boasts of its academic results and hence has been categorized as one of the best CBSE schools in Noida.

Since the students here come from different walks of life, they very early learn to be cordial and harmonious towards one another.

The top priority is the well-being of the students, activities, and events are carefully planned for all around the year, engaging the students with a larger community and helping them feel connected.


In this 21st century, education helps create a modern society by providing equal opportunities and introducing empowerment. Education molds people into leaders show them how to lead with emotions and true values. The powerful combination of a great academic program, state-of-the-art facilities, and a culture of learning make our school both exceptional and desirable. So, choose very carefully while you look for admission in CBSE school that will educate your child and prepare him for the future. Education with a holistic perspective helps in the development of intellectual, physical, social, emotional, artistic, creative, and spiritual potential.


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