Why Do You Need To Do Bench Press Often?

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Why Do You Need To Do Bench Press Often?

Abdominal muscle training is an important part of a comprehensive training program for a motivated bodybuilder. Despite this obvious fact, press training is often given too little attention. As a result, the overall development of the muscles suffers. And not only aesthetically.

Why do you need to pump your abs?

The abdominal muscles are often referred to as exponential muscles, forgetting about their primary function – maintaining our body in an upright position and participating in bringing the chest and pelvis together. 

In this sense, the abdominal muscles should be trained with particular scrupulousness, since the result in all key exercises. Where the participation of the muscles of the middle of the body is necessary, will directly depend on the degree of their development. And there is a whole arsenal of those in bodybuilding. Make sure you use hockey stick tape while bench pressing to get a better grip and effective workout session.

Special training of abdominal muscles

In turn, special training of the press must be carried out in strict accordance with a predetermined plan. Otherwise, it is possible to deprive the abdominal muscles of the opportunity to recover in full, even if their training is divided into the bottom, top, and sides. In the latter case, only a shift in the focus of the target load is observed, but the remaining sections still continue to work during this or that exercise

Often promoted by lovers of a healthy lifestyle, daily ab workouts, often involving tens or hundreds of repetitions, as a rule, performed without additional resistance, are in most cases unsuitable for bodybuilding. For the simple reason that they initially ignore the patterns of volumetric training of the muscles of the whole body, and in addition are often accompanied by dietary recommendations that simply do not allow providing a full-fledged mass-set diet.

An equally important point in the development of a special training program for the press is the nature of the general training program. So, for example, many professionals in the offseason completely refuse to train the muscles of the press, leaving it to the stage of pre-competition drying. At the same time, even at the final stages that bring the muscles to the dried state, the quality of the work of the abdominal muscles is more determined by a special diet.

Train For Abs

At different times of the year, the abs should be trained in different ways, responding to current needs. For example, during the period of mass-set strength training, the abdominal muscles can be trained twice, or even once a week, pushing the abdominal exercises to the end of the complex and not being afraid to exclude them completely from time to time. At this time, a possible alternative would be a couple of easy approaches at the very beginning of the workout, performed mostly with a warm-up purpose

Several times a year, it is undoubtedly necessary to carry out targeted abdominal training aimed at increasing the mass and strength of the abdominal muscles. To do this, it is necessary to perform abdominal exercises in a relatively small repetition range – 6-15 repetitions. I

Make sure you adopt this in your daily lifestyle

In this mode, you should train the abdominal muscles twice a week. And only for short periods, a week or two, increase the frequency of training the abdominal muscles up to three to four times. As a possible version, you can do basic exercises for the bottom (leg and pelvic raises), top (crunches on the block, lifts in the Roman chair), and obliques (bends with dumbbells), spreading them on different days of the week. 

At the same time, making sure that the training of the abdominal muscles always takes place after exercises on the legs, lower back, and standing presses. As for the number of working approaches, an iron rule applies: let there be fewer approaches, but those that are to be performed in training should be carried out with a high degree of working out the abdominal muscles. It is an unaffordable luxury to be casual about your abdominal muscles.

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